Office Lighting : We Have Solutions

Lighting in the office is not only important for daily functions, it is also a large factor when it comes to maintaining levels of productivity. Office lighting should be a simple to use product that is reliable and affordable. Here at Inspired LED we have many options for all of your office lighting needs. Whether it is shelving lights, under cabinet desks, cubicle lighting, or even lighting for a conference room, we can make something for you. Since our lights can be run off a plug in system or hard wire set up, the choices and combinations to create the perfect lighting for your needs are almost infinite! We have conveniently created various kit options considering offices come in many shapes and styles, and for each we have a solution for you!

Shelf Lighting:

office shelf lights

In the above photo, the LED lighting is not the main source of light, rather the accent to illuminate the decorative shelves, and toe kick beneath the the cabinets. This look was achieved by using flexible led strip lights. It can be easily replicated in your own home’s shelving, using our Cut and Connect Kits (currently on sale for a limited time). This kit is perfect for the ultimate DIY-er, and allows for total customization of strip length!

Under Cabinet Lighting:

in-home office lighting

Other types of offices, with overhead shelving can utilize under cabinet lighting as a main task lighting source.In the above photo these particular flexible strip lights are a primary source of lighting for the desk unit and are running on a hardwired system. In this case a plug in system would also work, possibly utilizing a hidden electrical outlet.

In the end if you are looking for a little light, or a lot of light we will have a solution for you!

We are here to answer your questions, guide you to what you may need, and our design team would be happy to help you make the most of your office space. Contact us with any questions you may have at or (480)941-4286.