Lighting Ideas from an Artistic Point of View

LED lights have proved themselves worthy in common house hold areas like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. One great feature of lighting is that it can be versatile in its function, ranging from task lighting to accent lighting and everywhere in between. Where is between you may ask? Between is the creative projects and elaborate designs we take on. To be specific, art lighting has be coming increasingly popular. Wall art, sculptures, glass designs, and signs. You name it, we can try to find a solution for you! Today we want to show the artistic side of LED lighting, and its ability to enhance some fantastic works of art.

Joyce Dibona

Glass Mandalas

specialty ligthing glass art pieces



Joyce Dibona, an artist from Austin, Texas came to us in search of some simple accent lighting. The above beautifully crafted Glass Mandalas are hand painted by Joyce. She creates these masterpieces on perfectly round tempered glass, which rest in a steel frame.This series was featured earlier this year in her solo exhibit at MZ Urban Art in New York City.

Our LED flexible strip lighting is used as an accent for the mandalas, and was created to fit inside the steel frame, giving the appearance that each one is glowing. This special project seemed impossible at first. We encountered issues with the width of the flexible strips, the way they were going to be powered and brightness. With some quick thinking, we were able to find the solution that was just right for the set up.

Mary Hood

Layered Shadow Art

specialty lighting art mary hood Mary Hood is a Professor at Arizona State University who came to us in search of some accent and colored lighting for an exhibit here in Tempe. Mary’s layered shadow art, makes the scene jump off the page with its almost 3-D appearance.

In this application we used the blue flexible strip light, which almost makes the water appear to be flowing by. A second cool white flexible strip light was also used at the top of the piece to create a brighter day time effect for the scene.

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