Beyond the Kitchen: Amazingly Unconventional Applications for LEDs

Beyond the Kitchen1Here at Inspired LED we specialize in designing LED lighting systems for residential and commercial applications. Our LEDs are often used under kitchen cabinets or for basic office lighting. But every once in a while we are approached by someone with a new idea; a unique concept for which they are looking to use LEDs. We love a challenge and we love even more when we get to see the results of our products combined with our customers’ creativity!

In honor of these innovators we present the top ten most unconventional applications for our LEDs:

1. Spectacular Signs:

address plateThis particular customer came to us with a relatively simple design, but one that, none the less, would be sure to make his house the talk of the neighborhood. Using RGB color-changing flex we helped lay out a design that would frame his address plate, allowing him to change colors from day to day, or even customize for holiday decorating! (Designer- Grant Wilkes)

2.  Gorgeous Garages:

tesla carWe are often asked to help customers show off a favorite car or automotive brand, whether for an auto-show or as a way to transform an old garage into a custom man-cave. This display utilizes a combination of red and white ultra-bright flex to highlight the Tesla logo. The car itself can be illuminated in a variety of ways using cabinet toe-kick lighting or angle adjust tubes. For this project we used our weather-proof outdoor LED lights to line the grooves of the garage floor, creating a durable, elegant blend of form and function. Check out more garage lighting ideas through our online gallery, or by reading our Garage Lighting Blog.  (Designer- Jim Levante)

3.  Dynamic Displays:

Guitar CaseThis customer had built a display case for his most prized possessions; three classic electric guitars. In order to provide just the right amount of light to complement the instruments we used a cool white ultra-bright angle adjust tube which was mounted at the top of the display case. The placement of the light reduced shadowing and allowed the customer to adjust the direction of the light as needed. The finished product was a unique display worthy of a rock star! (Designer- Bryan Rose)

4.  Wonderful Windows:

Stained Glass WindowA while back we received an inquiry about a stained glass window, which at the time was being lit by halogen puck lights. Unfortunately over time those lights had become far too hot and cracked the delicate antique glass. After paying to have the window refurbished, members of the church came to Inspired LED for a solution to ensure the stained glass would remain lit without the danger of over-heating. By framing the backside of the window with double row ultra-bright flex strips we were able to simulate the look of sunlight while ensuring that the antique glass would remain cool. We even added LED puck lights to accentuate individual features in the image. (Designer- Bryan Rose)

5.  Stunning Sculptures:

SculptureAnyone who’s ever found the perfect piece of artwork for their home will agree there is no better way to draw an admiring gaze than with a spot of light. This particular customer had mounted a beautiful bronze sculpture in a recessed wall frame and was looking for a way to highlight the chiseled features of the metalwork. For this application we selected warm white super-bright flex to be concealed along the sides of the frame. This added depth and shadow which really brought the sculpture to life. The finished product was a portrait of perfection. (Designer- Jim Levante)

6. Custom Cellars:

Heritage Vine Cellars

Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars is an industry leader in custom-built wine cellars for home and commercial use. Specializing in unique solutions for home and commercial wine storage, the designers at Heritage worked with Inspired LED to help light these unique structures. Whether modern or traditional in style, LEDS help to elevate these cellars from wine storage to wine display! See more at

7. Incredible Counter Tops

Gravity GlasGravity Glas is a specialty home design firm hailed for their novel blend of art and application. Using kiln cast glass they create surreal style table-tops, counters, and other works of art featured in homes and galleries across the United States. For these designs, artists at Gravity Glas chose Inspired LED’s normal bright cool white flex to line the edges of the glass counter top. This allowed light to refract beautifully throughout, emphasizing natural texture, cracks, and curves of the glass itself. See more innovative projects at (Designers- Jim Levante & Grant Wilkes)

8.  Glowing Glass Artwork:

Glass PlatesAward winning artist Joyce Dibona of Austin, Texas, specialized in painting, sculpture, and glasswork. When this exhibit of intricately painted steel-framed glass was set to be featured at the MZ Urban Art in NYC, Joyce met with designers at Inspired LED to help her add an element of light to her work. Using super bright flex, we were able to help transform the displays into a living kaleidoscope of color. Click here to learn more about Joyce and to see more amazing artwork! (Designer- Jim Levante)

9. Stupendous Stick Figure Costumes:

Stick FiguresInspired by some of our own employee’s creative Halloween costumes, these stick figure outfits were constructed using single color ultra-bright flex secured to clothes using adhesive backing. The LED strips were attached to at 12 V battery that could easily be concealed in a coat pocket or purse, making Inspired LED’s stick figure costume kit a perfect DIY solution for any holiday costume party or late night rave! (Designers- Garrett Introcaso & Caitlyn Donnelly)

10.  Astounding Artwork:

Water StridersArtist Jeff Zischke began with an ambitious goal; to light up the Scottsdale Waterfront with a larger-than-life display of glowing insects known as water striders. After perfecting his design with several scale models, Jeff approached Inspired LED with the task of lighting the finished sculptures. For this task we decided to use super bright RGB flex wired through the skeleton to illuminate the enormous bugs from inside out. It took more than 180 linear feet of RGB but resulted in a spectacular display of LED lighting along one of the valley’s most popular destinations. The sculptures even went on to be featured in the Phoenix Zoo’s annual holiday light show, Zoolights. (Designer- Grant Wilkes)

Whatever your unique lighting needs happen to be, Inspired LED has a solution for you! For more LED inspiration visit or contact to take advantage of our free design services.