Local Lighting Update: January Recap

Between hosting the Waste Management Open and Super Bowl XLIX, the Phoenix-metro area has been abuzz with activity this month. Now as the crowds of visitors have begun to depart and the winter weather begins to return to a tepid 75 degrees, we take a moment to reflect on all that happened in January of 2015…

Local LEDs

super bowl stadium lighting As news of the Super Bowl dominated newspapers and web browsers this month, many locals and visitors alike gathered underneath the lights of Phoenix Stadium. What some may not have noticed in all the drama and pageantry of the event was that for the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl was played beneath the glow of LED Lighting! It made for a much crisper viewing experience not only for fans in the stands but also for those watching from home. The LED lighting system was bright enough to eliminate pesky shadowing, and proved to be 75% more energy efficient than the old incandescent bulbs.

In celebration of football season, and in honor of our home state hosting the Super Bowl, Inspired LED ran weekly contests and promotions during each week of the 2014 season. The NFL Giveaway ran for 16 weeks in total, including all regular season games plus the divisional conference and Super Bowl Sunday. Prizes included TV Backlight kits, coupons to our website, normal bright LED flexible reels, and more. The Grand Prize went to Tobey Amy, who won a wall mounted LED fireplace! Thank you to everyone who participated this year, we had a blast doing it and look forward to expanding the competition even more next year!

Lighting up the Community

high school led helpers

Last month Inspired LED teamed up with the Tolleson Union High School Dance team for a day of team building, and a chance to raise money for charity. Together we raised over $1000 and were able to donate to four charities in the name of the Tolleson Dance Team. It was a great opportunity to go out and interact with the community while raising money for a good cause. Special thanks to the Tolleson Elite Dance Team for all their hard work!

Product News

lift light under car led garage lighting As always, Inspired LED designers and engineers have been working non-stop to develop innovative new products to address the growing needs of the LED lighting industry. We have so far expanded our realm of LED Lighting Kits to include the new “LED Lift Light Kit”, designed for auto-mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. This kit includes two 158 inch Super Bright LED strips encased in a heavy duty jacketed covering and adhered to a series of magnets that can secure to any metal frame.
Be sure to check out our website for the latest information on upcoming product releases!

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