New Tiger Paw! – iDea Series Screw Terminal

Inspired LED has added a new LED connector to the Tiger Paw family! The iDea Series Screw Terminal connector is the perfect DIY connector for LED strips and works with a number of our aluminum channels and lenses allowing for a wide range of customization for all of our LED strip products.

Redesigned from the ground up, the iDea Series Screw Terminal connector uses an all-new input method rather than the pinch connector found on the rest of the Tiger Paw lineup. Both the input and output side of the connector use a screw terminal to securely hold the LED strip and cable, this method allows for higher output wattage and a tighter, more secure hold, for both your LED strip and cable termination.

Both our 12V & 24V – 8mm LED strips are compatible with the iDea Series Screw Terminal connector, making it perfect for any LED lighting project from under cabinet lighting to soffit lighting where a long run of LEDs is required. The output side of the connector allows for 18-22AWG solid or stranded cable and can even accept multiple cable outputs if you need to route your wire in more than one direction.

Designed to work with bare flexible LED strips, the iDea Series Tiger Paw connector also works well with our Tall Radiant Edge series aluminum channel and lens. This allows for quick, convenient, custom DIY LED fixture installation. Creating a perfect low-voltage LED lighting system is now easier than ever!

Check out the new Tiger Paw iDea Series connector here! Reach out to us with questions at or call us directly at 480-941-4286!