March Magnitude Madness Week 4: T-Series Transformers

The last week of March has arrived, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has narrowed its way down to the Final Four with some exciting upsets and impressive at-the-buzzer wins!

This year’s tournament was initially described by fans and commentators as an unusual combination of teams, making bracket predictions particularly challenging. Yet despite the initial odds, four highly skilled college programs have made a place for themselves in the finals: top seeded Kansas and Villanova, along with defensive power-house University of Michigan, and eleventh seed Cinderella story, Loyola Chicago.

Semi-final games are set to take place this Saturday, March 31st, and speculations abound as to which of these teams will bring home the championship. While Loyala has demonstrated an uncanny ability to beat the odds at the last moment, Michigan has some big playmakers who are eager to prove they can be as effective on offense as they are on defense. And though Villanova has dominated the court this season, Kansas’s latest standout, Malik Newman, is sure to make the battle for the finals one worth watching.

Ultimately the team to come out on top this weekend will have to bring their a-game and demonstrate effectiveness on all fronts: the complete package.

In our final week of March Magnitude Madness here at Inspired LED, we’re pleased to introduce the latest team of power supplies to our product line, the NEW T-Series Multi-Output Magnetic Transformer from Magnitude. This new model provides a truly comprehensive solution for powering large LED systems, thanks to some unique features.

At 4.3 inches high and nearly a foot long, these “model T” transformers are the heftiest we have ever carried. Designed for commercial, industrial, and large residential applications, these transformers operate using the same internal technology as our M-Series Magnetics. By taking the input of a high voltage line and winding it around a primary copper coil inside the device, a magnetic flux is created in the secondary coil, producing a proportional output voltage.

However there is one key difference. Unlike the standard Magnetic transformers, which are able to support large LED systems on a single output (see our 100W, 150W, 200W, and 300W M-Series), the T-Series Magnetics house several smaller outputs which together produce a large amount of power.

You can imagine the T-Series as a group of basic Magnetic transformers strapped together inside one housing. 12V models are comprised of several 60W outputs, while 24V models are made up of 96W outputs.

The primary benefit to this strategy is that because no single output deals with more than 100W of power, the transformers themselves can be classified as “Class 2”—an important safety distinction especially in new builds or commercial remodels. Additionally, because the T-Series provides an alternative to using several smaller M-Series transformers, they ensure a cleaner, more centralized installation.

Like other magnetic drivers, Magnitude’s T-Series Multi-output Magnetic Transformers are designed for use with Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) dimmers. Ensuring your transformer is paired with the appropriate wall dimmer will prevent issues like flickering or failure of your LED system. Inspired LED carries the compatible MLV Lutron Diva in several colors, though a full list of compatible dimmers can be found here.

Unlike the M-Series or the E-Series, the T-Series Magnetic Transformers do not require wire nuts to install. Instead, they’ve taken a page from the low profile LinDrives, allowing direct wire connections to be made using input and output screw terminals, accessible through five separate knockouts. Also hidden away inside the metal housing are primary and secondary manual circuit breakers, which provide an additional layer of safety by preventing your system from being overloaded.

(Just a reminder for home DIYers—due to the use of high voltage lines we always recommend hardwire transformers be installed by a licensed contractor or electrician. For your safety and the longevity of your LED system, let a pro do this part!)

Just like the other key Magnitude players at Inspired LED, T-Series Transformers are ETL listed, certified to CSA standard C22.2 No. 250, and conform to UL Standard 1598. And, conveniently, they also provide a Class 2 alternative for large LED installations!

For the first time, we are pleased to offer the T-Series Multi-output Magnetic Transformers for sale at Inspired LED. 12V models include the 120W (60Wx2), 180W (60Wx3), and 300W (60Wx5), while our 24V includes the 192W (96Wx2), and the 288W (96Wx3).

Check out our product page for more information on all our Magnitude transformers, and be sure to take advantage of our March Madness sale; it’s the last week to save 10% on the purchase of any Magnitude brand transformer (see specials page for details)!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the drama of the final four this weekend, eager to see which team will take this year’s tournament. Whether it’s a blue-blooded champion or an underdog victory, it will all come down to the power of will, the power of teamwork, and the power of inspiration.

To learn more about Magnitude drivers and other great products available from Inspired LED, visit us at or contact our award winning customer service team at Need help planning your LED system? Take advantage of our FREE Design Services to get a custom layout and quote from one of our expert lighting designers!  



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