March Magnitude Madness Week 2: Electronic Transformers

The wait is over! After weeks of speculation and anticipation, the arrival of Selection Sunday means it’s officially time to fill in those brackets and give in to the March Madness fever!

The top four seeds of the NCAA tournament have been announced, with Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and Xavier leading the pack. As with any year, there were a few unexpected upsets, including Notre Dame, Middle Tennessee, and USC, who sadly missed the mark with this year’s selection committee. But there were also a few surprises, including Texas, Oklahoma, and AZ State making the cut despite some rocky games earlier this year.

We’re looking forward to some exciting match-ups in the coming weeks, with the first four games scheduled to tip off tomorrow in Ohio, and our local Arizona State Sun Devils set to take on Syracuse Wednesday night.

While these teams are battling it out on the court, we continue our own March Magnitude Madness celebration here at Inspired LED!

Last week we reviewed a veteran team of products: the M-Series Magnetic Dimmable Transformers, known for their robust quality and large power output. This week’s we take a look at their main rivals, the E-Series Electronic Dimmable Transformers.

Making their first appearance on our shelves back in 2015, this line of 12V and 24V power sources was introduced as more compact, lightweight alternative to the M-Series. Similarly structured with a built-in j-box for wiring connections, pre-drilled input holes, and wiring grommets, the E-Series Electronic transformer is ideally suited for Class 2 lighting systems in both residential and commercial applications.

Where their magnetic counterparts utilize a large steel core wrapped with copper coils to convert 120V AC down to 12 or 24V DC, the E-Series accomplish the same task using a smaller internal transformer operating at a much higher frequency (50,000 Hz compared to the standard 60 Hz). The replacement of large metal parts with smaller electronic components is what gives the E-Series its lower profile, and makes it easier to install in tight spaces.

The shift in technology also means that E-Series are able to function with a wider range of wall dimmers. In addition to many of the Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) models used with M-Series transformers, electronic transformers are also compatible with CFL/LED or standard TRIAC (leading edge) wall dimmers. See the complete list of approved dimmers here.

With your dimmer selected, installation of an E-Series Transformer mimics that of the M-Series almost exactly. Wire-nuts will be used to connect high voltage lines from the dimmer to the transformer, then on to your low voltage LEDs. (Just a reminder—since this process involves high voltage lines, we always recommend it be performed by a licensed contractor or electrician—for your safety and the longevity of your lighting system, leave this part to the experts!)

All Magnitude E-Series Electronic Transformers are UL listed and certified to CSA standards. They feature dual protection automatic circuit breakers on both the primary and secondary sides to prevent overheating.

For the past few years we have carried 12 Volt models in 40W and 60W, as well as a 24 Volt model in 96W. But as a part of our 2018 March Magnitude Madness, we will be adding a NEW 24 Volt 40W, and 24 Volt 60W to our inventory to help support the growing popularity of our 24V LED systems!

To learn more about the E-Series Electronic Transformers available at Inspired LED, visit our website’s dimmable transformer page. Be sure to check back in with us next week as our March Magnitude Madness continues with the L-Series LinDrive dimmable transformers.

In the meantime, enjoy the start of the NCAA playoffs, and don’t forget to take advantage of Inspired LED’s March Magnitude Madness Sale! Buy now and save 10% on the purchase of any Magnitude Transformer now through the end of the month! Visit our specials page for more details.

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