On Special

Take 10% off any Magnitude driver during the month of June, this includes both 12v and 24v drivers. Inspired LED offers a huge variety of Magnitude drivers to fit your project’s needs! Not sure if these drivers are compatible with your system? Give our customer service team a call at 480-941-4286, our knowledgeable staff will let you know which dimmers/switches are compatible with Magnitude drivers and transformers.

Also during the month of June take up to 20% off any of our Hardwire Kitchen kits. All of these use a magnitude driver or transformer with a compatible dimmer/switch. These kits make a great summer DIY project for your kitchen. Add bright, useful, task lighting for your kitchen at a discounted rate! Not sure how to incorporate these kits into your space? Give our lighting designers a call at 480-941-4286. We have a dedicated team of designers to draw up layouts and answer your design questions for free!

*Offer ends July 1st, 2019. 10% discount is applied towards Magnitude Drivers only, both 12v and 24v. Plug-In power supplies are not discounted. Hardwire kitchen kits are discounted up to 20% off. Offer is only valid with Hardwire kitchen kits, all other kits are retail price. No coupon code required, prices are already discounted.

Why Buy Inspired LED Products?

  1. American LED manufacturer in business for 10 years and we stand behind our products.
  2. Need help? Call us at 480-941-4286 and we can assist with any questions you have.
  3. Uniform building code requires that all low-voltage lighting carries a "Safety Listing." All of our LED’s are CSA listed.
  4. We engineer our products to last and we never over drive our LED’s like our competitors.
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