New Product! Wireless Wall Touch Dimmer!

Inspired LED is excited to introduce the Wireless Wall Touch Dimmer to our product line. This convenient and sleek dimmer is part of the low-voltage in-line dimmer family and pairs with our well-known Multi-Zone Receiver (SKU 3762). This versatile dimmer has endless pairing options, allowing customers to completely customize the way they control their LED lighting systems from anywhere in the room.

The Wireless Wall Touch Dimmer utilizes a user-friendly interface with an efficient set of on/off buttons as well as a 0-100% dimming feature. The full dimming range allows for rooms to be bright and have optimal task lighting but also the ability to dim down to a moody ambient light perfect for nighttime relaxation.

The Wireless Wall Touch Dimmer can be programmed to as many Multi-Zone Receivers as the system requires. For example, if a homeowner wants to control their above cabinet, under cabinet, and toe kick lighting together in unison off of a single wireless remote then this is the product for them! Furthermore, if they want a dimmer at each entrance of the room that can be accomplished as well! This creates the convenience of turning the system on from one entrance and turning the system off or adjusting the brightness level from the opposite side of the room. For any other pairing configurations, feel free to reach out to Inspired LED for some recommendations. With this system, there are no limitations!

The installation of the wireless dimmer is a breeze! With wireless surface mount capabilities, there is no need to wire the dimmer to your high-voltage lines. The simple rotation of the back plate allows the dimmer to detach from the wall mount and the included screws are used to install it anywhere. Lastly, the light weight 4oz dimmer can be screwed directly into drywall without the need of locating a stud. The glossy white finish of the Wireless Wall Touch Dimmer elevates its appearance and gives it a high-end finished look.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Wireless Wall Touch Dimmers or have further questions about the system, give us a call at 480-941-4286 or send us an email at or find it on our online shop here. In addition to providing extensive technical and customer support, we offer free design services. Feel free to email our Design Team directly at to get started.