Fall Buying Guide: What you need now!

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Summer has come and gone. Those long days are slowly getting shorter, which means more time will be spent inside your home. It may seem a bit early to be thinking about the weather changing, leaves falling, and the holidays that will soon be approaching. To give you a head start we have complied a short list with our fall buying guide of rooms within your home that can be transformed with just a few simple changes!

1) Home Office

office lighting fall buying guideSchool is back in swing, which means homework and lots of it! Proper lighting over a desk is a great way to increase levels of productivity. To achieve the above look you can utilize our Cut and Connect Series Kits to create a custom layout with a short install time!

2) Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting fall buying guideBathroom lighting is something that most people probably don’t think about when it comes to making a quick change to their home. I have found that the bathroom, following the kitchen, is a room almost everyone visits while in your home. Adding a tow kick or accent lighting behind a mirror


kitchen fall buying guideFor my family, during the holidays, majority of our time is spent in the kitchen. Maybe you don’t have enough time to remodel or make major changes to your kitchen, but adding some great lighting can go a long way! Lighting can be placed almost anywhere, under cabinets, above cabinets, around an island, using a tow kick, lighting inside cabinets, and so much more!

4) Living Room

tv backlight fall buying guideAnother place my family spends time gathered together is the living room. Watching sports, movies, and old family videos will always look better on a TV with back lighting. Not to mention our backlight kits are the PERFECT gift for the holidays!

5) Bar Lighting

bar lighting fall buying guideBar lighting is another space where you can create a unique look by using accent lighting. Featuring lights under the bar or even lighting the shelves serves as a functional light and stresses the craftsmanship of the bar itself!

For further inspirations for your own home check out our project pages or for assistance with purchasing contact us at (480)941-4286 or orders@inspiredled.com.