Retail Lighting: Part 2

The first blog of the Retail Lighting Series was all about Jewelry Cases, Kiosk, and Rotating Merchandise displays. We looked into our RGB Color Changing Flexible Strips to attract a fun atmosphere, the Ultra Bright Flexible Strips that can bring out in depth detail of a product, as well as the Angle Adjust tubes that rotate while your inventory changes throughout the day. In this Part 2 Series we will look into a few more applications to hopefully inspire you to update your retail or restaurant location.

Why Wood you not?

bar- wood retail lighting

If your retail location, restaurant, or bar has any sort of wood paneling, or detailed wood accents, a warm white flexible led strip can really bring out the color and detailed grain of the wood. The warm white glow of the LED Lighting gives off a comforting and inviting feeling that is sure to impress any patron or customer. Warm White has a yellow hue to it, ranging around 3200 on the Kelvin scale. We think that using the warm white over cool white looks great when any wood lighting application is involved. Adding a dimmer to the installation allows you to find the perfect level of brightness to set the ambiance for the entire room! Check out your dimming options on our lights and accessories page!

Fun with Glass

glass display retail lighting

Most behind register or behind counter glass arrangements can be well lit and leave an impression on the customer to come back time and again. Properly lighting the cases and getting the right light to shine through is very easy to do with our cut and connect strips. Whether it be a display case or glass assembly section, LED lighting can help it go from dull to full!

Our Flexible LED strips really are the best way to go about lighting any retail or restaurant location. They are small but give off the perfect amount of light and can be customized to your exact needs. You won’t have to worry about a giant mess of cords, or wires hanging around anymore since everything can be clipped up and together and out of sight. Leave an inspiring impression on your customers that will make them coming back time and time again.

For any other questions or inquires you may have about your unique lighting project, feel free to send us an email to or call us at (480)941-4287.