Accent Lighting: Knick-Knacks

Inspired LED Kitchen Lighting for Above and Under CabinetsThe blank space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling can be the perfect place to show off your creative sense of style, and even tie the whole kitchen together. In working with our customers over the years we have seen this area used for a range of decorative items, including ceramic pots, glass artwork, family memorabilia, plants, and more. Paring these “knick-knacks” with above cabinet LED accent lighting can help to highlight these unique features and transform the ordinary into something extraordinary! Here at Inspired LED we have developed the following tips and tricks to help you illuminate your curios and knick-knacks like a pro:

Inspired LED Kitchen Lighting for Above and Under Cabinets

1. Different materials will interact differently with LED light.
Highly reflective glass pieces have a tendency to show the individual diodes of flexible LED strip lighting. Using a lens cover like those on our Designer or Radiant Edge Series panels can help to diffuse the light and prevent the so-called “dot effect”.


2. Large objects may cast shadows on the wall or ceiling.
While large pots or baskets may look great alongside those smaller decorative items, they may draw a bit too much attention if they begin to cast unwanted shadows. To prevent this issue we often recommend moving the LED strip behind the object for back lighting, or right in the middle the object to ensure an even up light effect.


3. Rearrange items to minimize empty space. 
While LED lighting is the perfect solution for highlighting decorative features, it can also draw the eye to blank spaces. Once your new lighting is installed, try playing around with the placement of your knick-knacks to reduce empty wall space in the background. Items of similar size often look best when spread out evenly across a shelf, while items of varying sizes can be grouped for a more eclectic effect.

There are many ways to use LED accent lighting to make the most of your home. For assistance regarding your custom lighting project, or for answers to your other questions about LED, visit our website, contact us at, or call us at (480) 941-4286.