Where to Add Toe-Kick Lighting Around Your Home

toe-kick lighting header

LED lighting can be used in a variety of locations around the home, although it is perhaps most commonly used under kitchen cabinets. This application provides a functional light for cooking, while also adding stylistic appeal. But in addition to bright task lighting, LED’s also provide a convenient solution for more subtle (yet equally important) accent lighting. Installing LED lighting above cabinets and along shelves, behind televisions or pieces of art, even in ceiling coves, can do wonders to improve the styling of a room!

One of our very favorite accent lighting applications is also one which is commonly overlooked despite its advantages- toe-kicks! Lets explore some of the places around your home that can benefit from this fabulously functional type of lighting!

Stairsoutdoor stairs

Toe-kick lighting under the stairs not only provides a pleasing aesthetic look, but also functions as a built-in safety feature! I mean how many times have you seen someone trip going down or up the stairs in the dark (no one– just me?)? This same theory also applies to those pesky sunken living room spaces, where it is very easy to miss that short little step! Toe-kick lighting beneath the stairs can quite literally highlight the potential danger, preventing accidents before they happen. Using flexible LED strips indoors will provide even light and the potential for easy plug & play installation. If you are looking for lighting options outdoors, we also offer Outdoor Weatherproof LED Strips, which can easily be made to the length desired and mounted for year round use, rain or shine.

kitchen with toe-kickKitchen

Toe-Kick lighting is growing increasingly popular in kitchens, in part because it helps to provide an even balance of light throughout the room when paired with recessed lights or pendants, and under cabinet LEDs. In addition to banishing under-cabinet shadows, toe-kick lighting also serves as a perfect way to elevate the atmosphere of a room. Toe-kick lighting can easily be paired with a dimmer to give you total control- whether you’re showing off the kitchen for guests, or looking to set a restaurant style mood. Best of all when dinner’s done, toe-kick lighting can be left on to serve as a guide for the midnight snacker!

Bathroombathroom vanity

Most people don’t consider adding toe-kick lighting under the vanity, but doing so is not only very easy, it can really add an element of luxury to the space. As in the kitchen, when combined with traditional overhead lighting, wall sconces, or accents like a back-lit mirror, toe-kick lighting helps to balance the “hot spots” in a room. It also plays a unique role in the ability to provide indirect lighting. Using the toe-kick during late night trips to the bathroom, for example, can prevent the need to turn on blinding overhead lights. Or, when you’re looking for a nice relaxing splash in the bath, toe-kick lighting can combine perfectly with candles to create that soothing spa-like glow!

under bed lightingBedroom

The final room on our home tour is the bedroom. Installing LED toe-kick lighting under a bed is a simple, yet dramatic way to change up the atmosphere of your room. Whether you’re adding a romantic touch to the master suite, or monster-proofing a kid’s room, under-bed lighting is the perfect way to brighten the mood. Pair Inspired LED’s flexible strips with a motion sensor switch to ensure the lights always turn on when you need them. Toe-kicks can also provide that indirect light to guide you in and out of a room without waking up sleeping spouses sleeping next to you!


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