Sunday Night Lights: Preparing for Super Bowl XLIX with Inspired LED

You’ve invited your guests, planned your menu and purchased your decorations, all in preparation for the perfect Super Bowl party. But could there be a way to make this year’s game even more spectacular? We sure think so! In honor of our home state hosting the championship, Inspired LED brings you these tips for making your Super Bowl Sunday a fitting finale to the football season:

Kitchen & Dining Room– A key ingredient for any Inspired LED Kitchen Lighting for Above and Under Cabinetsgood party is, of course, good food. Super Bowl Sunday is especially well known for an abundance of greasy American classics which are, of course, exempt from the New Year’s diet. Why not give your guests an inviting place to gather and highlight that Super Bowl Party Fooddelicious array of snacks while you’re at it? Inspired LED offers a variety of LED kits and products that take just minutes to install. Whether you decide to accent your cabinets, frame your counter tops, or add an ambient glow to your crown molding, our LED lights are sure to bring out the best in your Super Bowl buffet.

Bar Lighting– After they’ve filled up their plates, you’ll want to give your guests a place to fill up their glasses. Whether you’re LED Accent Lightingserving up a round of beers, or a flight of football-themed cocktails, you can quickly and easily brighten up your bar with LEDs. Warm white, cool white, or colored flex can add depth and style to your bar top or shelves. For those who consider themselves the ultimate football fan, you can even match team colors using RGB color-changing LED flex! With a little planning and a few creative touches your guests can enjoy all the comforts of a high-end bar in the comfort of your home.

Entertainment Center– Needless to say the highlight of Super Bowl Sunday will be gathering around the TV to watch as two teams compete for the most sought after title in the NFL… and the ultimate game calls for the ultimate viewing backlight002experience! While you may already have the 72” TV with super HD, no viewing package would be complete without a TV Backlight Kit. By adding a simple strip of flexible LEDs to the area behind your television, you can offer your guests reduced eyestrain, enhanced colors, and a sharper picture quality. Check out our products page on to learn more about our Universal TV Backlight Kits, on sale now while supplies last!

Other Festive Ideas– If you’ve mastered the art of indoor LED
lighting, and you happen to live in an area where it’s not too cold outside, you may want to add a bit of football flare to the backyard! Using our outdoor flex you can add some much-needed light to that backyard barbecue, or create a border line around the yard to host your own scrimmage game during halftime. The possibilities are endless!

Make this Super Bowl party one your guests will never forget with the help of Inspired LED. Then after the trophy has been hoisted and the confetti has cleared, you will be left with a day of wonderful memories and a household of brilliant LED lighting for years to come!

For more information or tips on how to brighten up your Super Bowl Sunday shoot us an email: or give us a call at 480-941-4286.