Custom Signs : Acrylic and LEDs Working Together

First impressions are everything, especially in the world of business. So naturally, the way in which your brand or business is portrayed can make all the difference when attracting new customers. Neon signs and an outdated sticker on the window are old news. Instead, many organizations are now exploring the option of acrylic signs, which can help your company name or logo go from bland to grand!

Thanks to a wide variety of styles and lighting options, this new medium opens a realm of possibilities for advertising. Recently, Inspired LED was very fortunate to partner up with Signs by Tomorrow, a local business and expert in retail signage looking to add a little extra flare to their designs. The sign was made to the client’s specifications; in this case, the company logo was etched into acrylic signs with inspired led lighting the clear acrylic. Although it didn’t look like much at first, our designers could see the underlying potential, so we put our expertise to work.

We began by selecting an Ultra Bright strip of Flexible LEDs, perfect for getting that logo to pop! After some initial experimentation we were able to mount the LED flexible strips behind the clear acrylic, facing the stand-off colored background plates. The effect was a spectacular combination of light, shadow, and color that represented the brand and signage we aimed to achieve.

Thanks to the simplicity and reliability of LEDs, this technique can be used with a wide variety of signs and displays. The end result is a sign with a unique 3D feel and a modern appearance.

If you have a retail location or business that could use a brand image update, send us an email:, or give us a call at 480-941-4286. We are eager to put our lighting expertise to work for you!