Lift Light LED Kit

super bright lift light kit fron inspired led Working underneath a car can be a challenge in any situation. Besides trying to maneuver through narrow gaps and greasy parts, the lack of light under the hood or beneath the vehicle’s engine can make conditions even harder to manage. Something as simple as an oil change can become a source of frustration when you have to spend time finding nooks and crannies to balance a flashlight. Whether you’re a full time mechanic or an enthusiastic DIYer, a good source of light can mean the difference between success and frustration.

super bright lift light kit from under car lift inspired led Enter the Automotive Lift Light Kit; a novel new product from Inspired LED. Designed for both the professional mechanic and the at-home auto enthusiast, the Lift Light Kit comes with two thirteen-foot Super Bright LED strips, encased in a PVC jacket and equipped with magnets on the backside for easy and adjustable mounting. The LEDs are available in a super bright cool white and come standard with a 12V power supply, an in line switch, and a six foot interconnect cable. When positioned beneath a vehicle the LED Lift Light Kit will provide ample visibility everywhere from the wheel wells to the engine bay.

super bright lift light kit components inspired led While the Inspired LED Lift Light Kit is designed primarily to fit straight four-post lifts they can easily be customized to fit your exact measurements or specifications. We can even modify the kit to allow the LEDs to be secured around turns and corners. For more information, feel free to contact us by phone at (480) 941-4286, or via email at, and let us put together the perfect kit for you!