A Renter’s Guide to LED Lighting

Part of the fun of being a homeowner is being able to modify and personalize your space, and a little lighting goes a long way to make a home feel bright and inviting.  But the fun doesn’t have to be lost if you are a renter! Inspired LED products are designed to be versatile, easy to install, and easy to remove when the time comes to relocate.

Things to consider:

Inspired LED Kitchen Lighting for Above and Under Cabinets

  • Getting Started- Check your rental agreement or talk to your landlord personally before beginning your lighting project. Most renter’s contracts prohibit the use of items which might leave holes (like nails or screws) but the good news is many of our LED lighting kits require no such hardware! Inspired LED’s flex strips and rigid panels are small and light enough to be supported by temporary adhesives, making them perfect for any home. If you are interested in a more permanent fixture, your landlord may even be willing to assist with the cost of installation.
  • LED Accent LightingWhere to Install- Chances are most of the areas you want to light may be built-in features of your house or apartment. Shelves and cabinets are great places for LED lighting, but some care will need to be taken to ensure no permanent marks will be left behind. Most issues can be avoided by attaching lights to the unfinished wood under cabinets or at the back of a shelf, but don’t forget about your own furniture when planning your new lighting system! Bookshelves, entertainment centers, and headboards also look fantastic with accent lighting. Check out our online gallery for more creative ideas!
  • Power Supply- One of the best features of LED lighting for renters is that LEDs consume very little power, which means you won’t have to worry about any new spikes in the electric bill. In addition of our kits can run off a simple plug-in power supply, so there’s no need to hire an electrician! Our kits are simple to install, simple to use, and energy efficient. Visit our products page for more information on which power supply is right for you.


  • Mounting Options- Inspired LED lighting kits come with a variety of mounting options, including adhesive strips, which lucky for renters, means no screws, no nails, and best of all no holes to fill in later! Both out LED flex strips and rigid Pro Series panels come with sticky mounting squares that easily adhere to most surfaces, and can be removed as needed. To help hide cords and cables our kits include adhesive clips that are easily placed and removed as needed. If you are dealing with a metal surface, certain products, like our angle adjust tubes, can even be held in place with magnetic clips.
  • Moving Out- When it does come time to take down your lights you will simply need to remove the LED strips or panels from their adhesive backing. If necessary, a solution of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover can be used help to dissolve any remaining residue. If you plan to bring your lighting system to your new home take care to carefully cover and wrap the lights during relocation. Since all Inspired LED products are compatible you can easily expand or modify your system to fit your growing needs.

When it comes to adding a personal touch and brightening up a room, LEDs are a versatile option for almost any application. Visit our website, send an email to orders@inspiredled.com, or give us a call at (480) 941-4286 and start making your apartment or rental property into a home with the help of Inspired LED products.