Inspired LED’s Accessory of the Week: In-line Controls

The shelves at Inspired LED are overflowing with all sorts of wonderful LED products and accessories! For a passionate electrician or engineer it is a proverbial treasure chest of technical toys. But with so many products to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones are right for you as a customer.

This week we take a closer look at a few LED control products unique to Inspired LED; our in-line switch, and in-line dimmer modules. Both of these are simple plug-and-play accessories designed to help you control your new LED lighting system without the inconvenience of hard wiring. The term “in-line” simply indicates that both of these products will plug directly in to your LED system, as opposed to using a remote dimmer or wall switch.

The in-line switch is a basic toggle set-up with one input designed to connect to a power supply, and an output designed to plug into an interconnect cable leading to your LED lights. In-line switchBoth the input and output run on 12 Volts, so as long as you are using an appropriate power supply these connections can be made interchangeably. The switch is small enough to be placed almost anywhere; most people find it convenient to mount under a counter-top, behind the lip of a cabinet, or on the wall.

In-line dimmerFor those who would prefer the option of dimming their LED lights, our in-line, or four-position dimmer, is the ideal solution. Just about the size of a matchbook, the in-line dimmer features a discrete profile and a small push-button at center. This button allows you to scroll through four different levels of light, from dimmest to brightest. You can cycle through as many times as you like to decide on the appropriate amount of light for different occasions. Like the in-line switch, the four-position dimmer has an input to connect the power supply, and an output to run a cable to the lights. Unlike the switch, however, the input and output are specifically designated, so be sure to read the labels carefully during installation!

While both of these accessories are fantastic options on their own, they can be combined to offer even more customized control over your LED lighting system! By wiring your power supply directly to the in-line switch, then attaching an additional cable to the four-position dimmer before connecting to the lights, you will be able to use the dimmer to effectively save dimming settings, while using the switch for basic on and off functionality.Dimmer + Switch

No matter what your lighting needs may be, Inspired LED has an accessory to help! Be sure to stop by our website to learn more about Inspired LED products, and check back soon for the next installation of Inspired LED’s Accessory of the Week!

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