Lighting your Garage or Workshop

Garages and workshops tend to have one thing in common: there never seems to be enough light! Whether you need overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting, specialty lighting, parking assist lights, or lighting for your car lift, Inspired LED has a solution for you. Let’s take a look at some areas around the garage or workshop where you may need better lighting, and explore which products can help give you the light you need!

Workbench Lighting

workbench lighting for garage LED lighting solutionsUnder Cabinet Lighting in a workshop or garage is typically very similar to kitchen under cabinet lighting: its purpose is to provide great task lighting. Important factors for garage lighting include visibility for detailed work, and durability for long-term use. Our Ultra Bright Flex Strips are the perfect solution for this space! As the brightest option in our line of LED flex, this product is sure to provide sufficient lighting for even the most precise tasks. Ultra Bright flex strips are easy to hard wire or utilize with a plug in system, allowing total customization for your space.

Floor Lighting

parking garage lighting Floor lighting may not be the first thing you think of when updating your garage, but adding LEDs to the cement grooves within the floor can add a lot to both the form and functionality of this space. Use the lights to border parking spots, illuminate favorite vehicles, or provide indirect lighting at night when overhead lights are turned off. Inspired LED’s weather-resistant outdoor flex is protected from dirt and debris by a silicone casing, perfect for creative applications such as these!

Lift Lights

led lift light application Do you know someone who is a car fanatic? Our lift light kits are easy to install and provide substantial visibility everywhere from the wheel wells to the engine. While the Inspired LED Lift Light Kit is designed primarily to fit straight four-post lifts they can easily be customized to fit your exact measurements or specifications.

Feel free to contact our design team at with any ideas regarding your garage or workshop and we would be happy to guide you through your next project!