Inspired LED at Work

inspired led in the workplace

At Inspired LED, our products are most commonly used to provide great task lighting and accent lighting waround the home. Whether for under kitchen cabinets, outdoor deck, or accent lighting, Inspired LED is your go-to lighting specialist for whatever you may need! But our LEDs are equally at home in the workplace to…

It is probably rare for most people to spend time thinking about the connection between lighting and work performance, but then again, when it comes to lights, we’re not most people! Studies have shown that a well-lit environment leads to increased productivity, a decrease in eye-strain, and even an overall improvement in employee morale. More and more, we have begun to hear from people looking to take advantage of these features offered by LED lighting.

Let’s explore the work space of one of our customers, Onanon, to see how Inspired LED products can improve commercial and office lighting!

Onanon is an engineering and manufacturing company which specializes in custom connector components, cable, plastics, pin connectors, and much more! Producing over 10 million connector components in a single day, Onanon and their employees rely on well lit work stations to keep up with manufacturing demands. As explained in the above video, each employee is responsible for completing detail-oriented tasks which require proper lighting at each and every work station.

Besides the energy-efficiency and cost-saving qualities of LED technology, these lights are incredibly bright! In the video Onanon work stations have been illuminated using Inspired LED Ultra Bright Flexible Strips, a convenient, customizable lighting solution which packs a powerful punch at 300 lumens per foot. This is one of our most popular products for task lighting, however, we offer a wide variety of LEDs in a range of colors and brightness levels suited for any home or workplace application.

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