Outdoor Activities with LEDs

Outdoors with LEDsAs the last of summer dwindles into autumn, bringing with it cooler weather, now is the perfect time to advantage of the great outdoors! Whether you choose to answer the call of the wild by running, camping, hiking, or biking, there are many ways to enhance your fun with the help of LEDs…


TentLightsThe best part about camping is the ability to bring the comforts of home to the great outdoors, and this includes lighting! While we may want to cozy up by the campfire for warmth or to roast up some marshmallows, firelight is not necessarily the best source of illumination when it comes to task lighting. Chances are whether you’re in a tent or an RV, you will want to have some task lighting to work by once the sun goes down. Since LEDs are low-voltage, they are an ideal solution for RVs and camper vans operating off of on-board batteries or generators. Lightweight, with an adhesive backing for easy installation, Inspired LED’s flexible LED strips are a fantastic, long-lasting solution for illuminating your home away from home. For help designing your tent or RV lighting system, be sure to take advantage of our free Design Services. Our expert designers are full of creative ideas and cost-saving tricks to help you find the perfect lighting solution for your application.


HikingWhile traditionally a lantern or a flashlight might have been your go-to nighttime hiking companion, the creative minds at
Inspired LED have a developed a more modern, flexible, versatile solution by simply combining a few of our most popular products! A few feet of our flexible silicone sleeved outdoor LEDs can be soldered together with a flying female lead (available by request through customer comments when checking out on our webpage). This provides an input, into which our new 9V Battery Controller can be connected to provide power and a variety of functions (including on/off, dim/bright, and even strobe in case of emergency). The flexible “whip lantern”, as it has been dubbed around our office, is extremely convenient for hands-free hiking and climbing, it can easily be strung up for overhead lighting, placed around a table during meal times, even tied to a tree to attract bugs away from your food!


BikeLightsNight biking, too, can be made safer and more fun with the help of LEDs. The combination of our flexible LED strips along with our 9V Battery Controller, you can create a variety of solutions to help light up the night! A simple strip of flexible LEDs woven through the spokes of your bike wheels can create a bright display, for an extra bit of fun, you can even utilize our solid color LEDs in red, blue, or green. [Pictured left is a project created by “Santa Steve” for a Christmas in July parade, this effect can easily be recreated using Inspired LED flexible strips!] A small segment of Super or Ultra bright LEDs along with a battery connector can become a simple, cost effective helmet light.

BoatingBoat Dock4

Create a well-lit area for cast off, and turn any dock or pier into a beacon by night with the Infinity Series weather-resistant dura-flex from Inspired LED. This innovative technology is ideal for outdoor lighting applications, and with a bit of silicone can be sealed for water resistance. By combining with sturdy aluminum tracking, you can create a series of guide lights that are easy to assemble and disassemble with each season. For those looking to add a bit of flare to their boat, our 12V LEDs can easily be powered using the boat’s on-board battery. Inspired LED’s Infinity Dura-flex is a great water-resistant option, or for a more customized look, our Design Team can create a custom series of silicone sleeved LEDs in a variety of colors and brightness levels.

Outdoor Sports

GoalIf your favorite part about being outdoors is getting together with a group of friends for a little friendly competition, LEDs can extend your hours of playtime long past the set of the sun. Try using flexible LED strips to outline the field or highlight goal lines, you can even use different colored flex to identify different teams. If you live in an especially rainy or humid area, our weather-resistant Infinity Duraflex, or silicone sleeved outdoor LED flex are a great option for keeping out moisture on the field, and the Inspired LED 9V Battery Controller is a perfect solution for lighting in remote or frequently changing locations. For an extra bit of fun, try incorporating the Inspired LED motion sensor into your game to activate lights whenever a point is scored!

However you chose to indulge your passion for the great outdoors, Inspired LED is here to help you light up your favorite activities with the simple convenience and reliability of our LED products. For more ideas or information on our products, visit our website, www.inspiredled.com, or contact us at 480-941-4286.