Bridge Lighting: Functional and Artistic

Those who keep up on current trends in the news may have noticed LEDs lighting up headlines in the past few months: winning the Nobel Prize in 2014 for advancements in energy efficiency, finding their way onto local city streets and art exhibits, and even making an appearance at Super Bowl 49’s University of Phoenix Stadium. Everyday it seems we find more and benefits, and more ways to use LEDs…

The Bay Lights

The bay lights led art series san francisco

The Bay Lights art installation, Bay Bridge: San Francisco CA , Photo from SF Weekly

A San Francisco based non-profit organization, Illuminate the Arts, has constructed a massive work of public art featuring LED lighting across the San Fransisco Bay Bridge. Dubbed ‘The Bay Lights’, this installation currently holds the title for the world’s largest LED sculpture, spanning nearly two miles and reaching nearly five hundred feet high. Featuring more than 25,000 LED lights, the social and economical impact of this project has drawn worldwide attention, becoming an instant sensation and helping to boost the local economy. Over the past two years this installation has become an integral part of the Bay Bridge and the surrounding community. Within the next week the current lights will be temporarily removed for maintenance, but will be permanently returned to the bridge by February 2016 .

Hudson River Bridges

tappan zee bridge in NY

Tappan Zee Bridge


Following the growing trend, the New York State Bridge Authority has announced plans make the switch to LED lighting fixtures across the five Hudson River spans and extending into surrounding areas. While similar to the changes being made in San Fransisco, the decision to make the change in New York has come from a more practical economic standpoint. The entire project will add up to a one-time cost of almost $60,000 but should save the state about $50,000 a year in energy costs.


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