3 Step Design Checklist for the Perfect System

design before and after banner check list

Does your kitchen need better lighting? Not sure where to start?
Well you’re in luck; Inspired LED offers free Design Services to help customers like you determine the best products to suit your needs! Our expert Designers will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom layout for any area of your home.

But before you send in your design request, let’s take a moment to make sure you have covered all the information necessary to get back a quote as quick as possible!

step one in the design process

This first step is the most important! Confirming you have the correct measurements will play a large role in helping us determine the right products and power requirements for your new system. Providing us with photos and/or dimensions allows us to visually ensure the layout will go as planned. This will also give us information about where the power for the lights will be located, and if there are any obstacles like windows, range hoods, or microwaves to work around. free design checklist step 2

The second step is to include all necessary components for the application. This includes any information on color preference for the lighting (warm or cool), level of brightness (accent or task lighting), which system you would like to run (hardwired system or a plug in system), and if you would like the lights to be dimmed. This information will contribute to our Designers being able to determine the best products for your application, and ensure that you receive everything you need at the best possible price. Don’t forget to include any questions you may have so they can be answered promptly before your design is finalized!

design checklist step 3

Once your request is received, you will be contacted by a Designer who will personally oversee your project and make any changes with you as needed. Before you pull the trigger on your new lighting system be sure to review your layout carefully, double check measurements, and ensure everything looks correct. This is also a good time to review the design with any contractors or electricians to confirm they understand the layout, providing them with an opportunity to ask installation questions before you purchase! Once you have finalized your design your order will be promptly made and shipped the same or next business day.

If at any point during installation or maintenance you have further questions about your system, Inspired LED Designers are always available to provide support. To learn more about our free Design Services, visit our website. Feel free to contact us with any further questions: design@inspiredled.com or 480-941-4286.