Six Summer Lighting Projects

Whether you’re prepping for a casual kickback, a 4th of July blow-out, or just a relaxing summer evening at home, a little accent lighting can go a long way to help set the mood.

So to help you celebrate the summer in style, we’ve collected some of our favorite DIY ideas from around the web, and collaborated with our Lighting Designers to see how LEDs can be used to achieve some of these classic looks!

So grab an ice cold glass and prepare to be inspired by these summer lighting projects…

Jars & Bottle Lanterns

This is one DIY trend that’s been sweeping Pinterest boards for quite some time. Most often, these Mason jar or wine bottle projects rely on tea candles or traditional string lights to give off that warm glow, but LEDs can easily achieve this same effect with the added benefit of flame-free longevity.

Inspired LED’s  3MCut & Connect Kits make quick work of this project. Simply measure and cut your white, or colored, LED strips to length, then either adhere them or feed them loosely inside your decorative bottle or jar. Plug and unplug the power supply as needed and watch your creation come to life!

Check out the tutorial by EHow for more information on creating your jar or bottle of light.

Patio Lighting

There is something whimsical about lighting the rafters of a patio or gazebo–something reminiscent of summer fireflies, or the glow of a campfire. A common piece of décor in restaurants and cafes for many years, this look has been increasingly adopted into residential applications.

Inspired LED’s Outdoor Weather Resistant light strips are commonly used by our Lighting Designers to achieve this same inviting effect. However, LEDs provide the added benefit of increased energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, and arguably a cleaner install.

Learn more about upgrading your porch or patio with string lights here or check out Inspired LED’s weather resistant alternative on our product page.

Tree Lighting

The fairy-like effect of these light-wrapped trees is no less magical in summer than in winter, and it’s the perfect backdrop for your next big blowout. Most of the time this a temporary installation accomplished using traditional Christmas lights, but for permanent jobs, low-voltage LEDs are the only way to go!

Any of Inspired LED’s 12V or 24V light strips can be custom sleeved in silicone for weather-resistant durability all year round. This has allowed our Lighting Designers to create a variety of custom light wraps for hotels and businesses, and it can allow you to do the same at home!

Outdoor resistant LED strips in normal bright warm white are available off the shelf through our website. For other brightness levels and colors, contact our design team here.

Landscape Edge Lighting

This popular idea for linear landscape lighting has been circulating the internet for some time, though its sources are vague. Traditional rope lights are used to line the edges of pathways or planters, providing a complimentary accent to standard landscape lighting.

Inspired LED’s patented Infinity Outdoor LED system is the perfect way to get this look with low voltage. Our highly durable silicone enclosed LED flex is specially designed to be run extended lengths even in tough environments, and can be integrated with existing low voltage landscape systems.

Check out the Infinity product page for more information, or visit our gallery of outdoor lighting for more inspiring ideas.

Yard Game Lighting

If you’re planning to entertain your guests with some yard games during the next cookout, be sure you’ve got enough lighting to keep the fun going even after dark! Whether it’s a round of beach volleyball, two-hand touch, or capture the flag, a few LEDs can make a big difference.

One of the easiest yard games to light is cornhole! Our 12M Cut & Connect Kits come with everything you’ll need to to get started on this project, just add a battery adapter for some fun-filled nighttime gameplay. For those more professional league players, our weather resistant LEDs can also be used more permanantly to line targets- just send in a picture and some measurements of your application to our Design Team for a free layout and quote.

Candles and Tiki-Torches

Nothing says summer like the smell of a burning fire- whether it’s a citronella candle, a charcoal grill, or the lingering smoke of a fireworks display. Of course, there is little substitute for the full sensory experience, but Inspired LED’s warm white flexible LED strips can provide brighter task light in a complimentary shade!

Indoors or out, these LEDs offer superior color quality and all the benefits of low-voltage lighting. Used under kitchen cabinets, around outdoor barbeques, or as an accent on shelves you can’t go wrong creating a warm and inviting space for your guests.

And if you’re up for it, our LEDs can easily be used to make a flameless fire pit like this one from Free People’s blog here.

No matter what this summer brings, a few DIY projects like these can help to make it season of bright lights and big fun. For more inspiring ideas or to learn more about our products, visit our website, or give us a call at 480-941-4286. Happy lighting!