LED Accent Lighting- Details by Design

accent lighting“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
-Charles Eames

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, artists and craftsmen alike have understood the importance of light as a component in both art and design. Light has the power to draw the eye, to evoke a particular mood, to blend and play with color, to add a glint or shine. At Inspired LED, we specialize in helping designers, contractors, and DIYers to shed a little light on all their hard work. Often it’s the finishing touches that bring everything together, that final coat of paint or little brass embellishment that allows you to take a breath, stand back and admire your accomplishment. LEDs are not only an attractive and energy-efficient accent lighting solution, they are also extremely durable, long-lasting, and therefore, highly cost-effective.  Between our rigid LED panels, flexible LED strips, and DIY kits, there are dozens of ways Inspired LED can help take your next project from bland to grand!

Accent lighting sculptures or wall art:
art accent lighting with LEDsWhen working with a piece of art such as a sculpture or painting, it is likely that the piece will have natural forms, colors, or angles which reveal themselves in different types of light. When planning to light artwork, it is important to carefully consider both the angle and directionality of light, as well as the color tone selected for the specific piece. Statues with dramatic curves may look best with up-lighting, which can accentuate angles and create striking shadows. Wall-mounted sculptures or pictures can be framed in a soft surrounding glow to transform even the most simplistic work of art into a masterpiece.

Traditional style artwork, incorporating rich colors, wood, and earth tones, will look best highlighted in softer warm or pure white tones, while more modern works of art can be given the contemporary look with cool white. [Click here to learn more about color-matching with LEDs] Inspired LED offers a range of DIY Cut & Connect Flexible LED Kits which are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Requiring only a pair of scissors, these simple kits are the perfect, versatile accent lighting solution for any work of art!

Accent lighting around architectural features (shelves, coves, & toe kicks):Ceiling accent LED lighting
While artwork may be a rather obvious application for accent lighting, few people beyond the realm of architects tend to realize that the physical details of a building itself can serve as an equally stunning focal point. Believe it or not, your home or office space is likely filled with unique little elements and architectural features just waiting to be discovered.

Cove ceilings are an elegant feature incorporated into many new builds, but without proper lighting these can have a tendency to blend in, the simple addition of LED accent lighting can add a whole new dimension to your architectural design. Similarly, toe-kick lighting under cabinets or along a staircase can provide depth along with an element of safety. Up-lighting on shelves or plant walls can help to define the style of your home by highlighting photographs and other prized possessions. Along with our unique variety of lights, Inspired LED also offers switches and convenient remotes like our wireless Independence Dimmer, which can provide total system control from just about anywhere.

Accent lighting televisions and computer screens:

If your project upgrade involves a new television or computer, consider backlighting as a way to enhance your entertainment experience. Accent lighting behind screens not only offers the benefit of a stylized look, but also helps to reduce eye strain, making colors appear more vivid even after long hours of viewing. Inspired LED’s innovative TV Backlight Kits are specially designed in a crisp, cool white, to fit any television make or model. We also offer a special USB connector which allows the lights to turn on and off in conjunction with your TV. Accent lighting has never been quicker, or more convenient, than with Inspired LED!


When considering LED accent lighting for your home or business, there are many things to take into account, but when done properly, it can be the finishing touch that makes your project great! Inspired LED offers a variety of simple products and award-winning services to help illuminate everything from floor to ceiling. For assistance in creating the perfect layout for your accent lighting application, take advantage of our complimentary Design Services for a free layout and a quote! More information and inspiration is available through our website www.inspiredled.com, or by calling 480-941-4286.