4 Ways to Upgrade Your Dorm Room

dorm room ideas

Summer is coming to an end and that means it’s time to hit the books! For many students this is the beginning of a new life: starting college! This once in a lifetime experience can be incredibly fun and exciting. Being on your own and having your own space cab be truly liberating, and often allows for new forms of self expression. Decorating and accessorizing your dorm room within a limited space is the first real test of college. Let’s explore some easy and affordable ways to put the “fun” in fundamental, giving your new dorm room an upgrade that is sure to make you the talk of the floor!

desk dorm room lighting ideasHeading back to school means the return of everyone’s favorite activity- homework. Fighting for space in the library shouldn’t be a concern as long as you have a space to do your work in your room! Studies have shown that good lighting not only can improve one’s mood, it can also lead to greater levels of productivity. Inspired LED flexible LED Strip Lighting or even LED Panels can be used to create the perfect task lighting solution for any desk space. Pair the lighting with a dimmer so you can also have a great night-light or accent light too!

dorm bed lighting The next space in your dorm room worthy of an LED upgrade is that most prized piece of dorm room furniture: the bed! Most dorm rooms are small in size, so beyond functioning as your sleeping space, beds often double up as couches for friends to sit on, extra study space, and even a dinner table (yes, this may seem gross at first, but you’ll get over it!). LED accent lighting can be used in so many ways around a bed; as a simple decorative accent, as a reading light behind the headboard, even as a night glow underneath the bed! This example on the right illustrates how Flexible Strip LED lighting can be used within a headboard to create a bright reading light during the day, or dimmed down for an accent light while watching TV at night!

tv backlighting dorm room lighting This leads right into our next awesome upgrade for your dorm room: TV Back-lighting. Utilizing LED lighting as a back-light for your TV is a great way to reduce eye strain while simultaneously making the colors on your screen appear more vivid and crisp! After a long hard day of hitting the books, or staring at your cell phone and computer screens, Inspired LED’s TV Back-light Kit will help give your very tired eyes a much needed break. Like many of our other lighting options, the TV back-lighting can also be used as a handy nightlight. Or, utilize our USB Kit option to allow the lights to turn on and off each time you power up or turn off your TV!

DIY light box for dorm roomOur last LED upgrade for your dorm room is this clever DIY Light Box! This is the perfect way to accent a bare wall, and the perfect way to integrate your own style or color scheme into the room! Check out this easy-to-follow DIY Light Box from Vintage Revivals. The entire project came in right under $50, and was simple enough to complete in just a few hours! In the tutorial, Christmas style lights are glued across the frame to provide a back lit glow. For a more energy-efficient, even spread of light, we recommend swapping these lights out for Inspired LED Flexible Strip Lighting! You can easily mount the LEDs using their adhesive backing around the inside of the frame for the perfect distribution of light.

For more DIY and dorm room ideas check out our lighting projects or visit our gallery at www.inspiredled.com/gallery. For more information or assistance with your new LED system contact us directly by email at orders@inspiredled.com.