Inspired LED Catalog Blog

Catalog BlogLiving in the digital age, especially in the world of business, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the value of the printed word.

So much of what we do takes place online or over the phone, even via email, so that hard copies often seem a thing of the past. Like many companies, we at Inspired LED have long relied on technology to help support our growing business. Most of our products and services are accessible, even exclusively available, for purchase online. However, over the years as we have continued to grow and learn more about our customer base, we have discovered that beneath the platforms of interactive web design and social media, there remains a pure, unadulterated desire for hard copy documentation.

As a bit of a bibliophile myself, I can certainly appreciate the tactile sensation of paper and ink, the crisp satisfaction of turning a page is like music to my ears! So, with this in mind, I set out to create a printed catalog documenting our extensive stock of products and services, in the hopes of bringing optical innovation into the hands and hearts of our fabulous customers.

This was no easy challenge for an individual writer to tackle, and I was quickly confronted by some of the difficulties involved in catalog development and design. To help simplify the process, I began by separating items into two categories- those available to our general customers, as well as those available to contractors & distributors.

The general customer catalog includes our full range of LED flexible strips, panels, kits, and accessories designed to make low-voltage lighting systems affordable, convenient to install, and easy to use. It provides detailed information about the various brightness levels and colors available with our LEDs, and also include details on our wide range of accessories along with beautiful full-page photographs to help enlighten and inspire your imagination. Click here to take a look at the digital version of our customer catalog, complete with page-turns and sound effects to preserve the tactile sensation of a printed copy.Catalog1

The contractors & distributors catalog excludes some of our DIY kits, while including some of our more specialized items for in-field LED system design. This version of the catalog is available exclusively to registered members of the Inspired LED Contractor site.

While both digital versions of our catalog are available for free through our website, we are currently developing an Inspired LED “sales kit” for purchase on our site. This kit, designed to act as a physical snapshot of our product line, will include a hard copy of our contractor/distributor catalog, along with an Inspired LED sample board, featuring our full range of 12V LED flex and patented solderless Tiger Paw™ Connectors- everything you’ll need to help customers select their perfect low voltage lighting system! To view the Inspired LED Contractor & Distribution Catalog, log in to your Inspired LED Contractor account and click on the About Us – Resources tab, or, contact us at to request a link.

To learn more about Inspired LED’s award winning products and services, visit our website, or contact us via email at Or, for those who prefer the ways of the good old days, give us a call at (480) 941-4286, or drop by our showroom at 1733 E. McKellips Rd #112, Tempe, Arizona 85281.