New Infinity Outdoor Lighting System

infinity outdoor led lighting

Inspired LED’s newly patented Infinity Series Outdoor Lighting System breaks the mold for a typical LED outdoor lighting solutions.  The Infinity Series dura-flex is a silicone encased LED strip light which allows customers to create DIY cut and connect systems. A unique design allows extended lengths to produce much longer runs that other lighting systems. Instead of the maximum 25-50 feet, the Infinity Series is capable of  lighting up to 75 feet on a single strip without a voltage drop. The Infinity Series is also highly customizable, easily paired with solderless connectors and accessories for a quick, convenient customizable system. Let’s explore the key components that you may need to set up your new Infinity Outdoor Lighting System.

infinity series outdoor leds

The Infinity LED Dura-flex itself will clearly be the most important component of your system! The strips  can be ordered to specific lengths, or if the installation location isn’t finalized, you can always order bulk and cut down to the exact sizes you need.

sodlerless screw terminal for infinity lightingAs mentioned above the Infinity Series lights can be cut to length. Utilizing the Solderless Screw Terminal Connector you can cut the strip to be length needed, insert a connector in the field, and quickly terminate to bare wire. This allows for total customization as you can use bulk cable to ensure you have the perfect set up! Simply cover with a bit of silicone to protect from water and or weather!

ac/dc diode bridge led The AC/DC Diode Bridge is a unique component and may not be required for every Infinity Outdoor system. The Diode Bridge serves as a means of converting AC (or alternating current) to DC (or direct current). A common application would be to use the diode bridge in combination with a pre-existing outdoor transformer (such as a Malibu).  The diode bridge will allow you to ensure that your current AC transformer is compatible with your new Infinity Outdoor LEDs.

cable lead connector infinity seriesThe last components of the Infinity Outdoor LED System are end pieces – the cable lead and the end cap. The cable lead connector is paired with a double barb connector to pierce the flex and create a a covered bare lead for making connections to power sources. This is perfect for tying into existing wiring – or simply chaining one light to the next. The end cap is helpful for closing off bare ends of the Infinity Dura-flex and can be used with a touch of silicone to help ensure maximum weather resistance.

As mentioned above the new Infinity Outdoor LED system can run on outdoor transformers, as well as our standard hardwired transformers and plug in power supplies. It is compatible with a wide variety of accessories to ensure you have the perfect system for your needs!

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