Contractor Demo Kit: Show Your Customers the Light

Contractor's Demo Kit - LED Lighting

More and more contractors are extending the range of their services, offering LED lighting directly to their customers. Growing interest in reselling Inspired LED’s lighting systems has allowed for and compelled us to develop a convenient, compact, and complete way to effectively demonstrate our product line in the field.

We are happy to introduce the Contractor Demo Kit. This kit will ensure your clients are presented with straightforward examples that show their options for a one-of-a-kind lighting experience!

Contractor Demo Kit - LED Lighting

The 16.5” Light Bar, a highly customized Double Row Angle Adjust Tube, will fit in any toolbox. It is lightweight enough to demonstrate the LED lights on any application.

Contractor's Demo Kit - LED Lighting

The handy, wearable carrying case keeps the 4 Position Push Button Dimmer and Interconnect Cables organized and ready to show each of the LED Flexible Strip color and brightness options. We offer a variety of color and brightness options for the perfect application.

Contractor's Demo Kit - LED Lighting

Easily plug your kit together and be ready to show your customer these LED lights in minutes.

The following four flexible LED strips, two on each side, come encased in this angle adjust tube to maximize efficiency when presenting LED lights to your customer:

Ultra Bright Warm White
Light it up with about 203 lumens per foot, our task lighting solution! Our most commonly purchased option and a great starting point when considering under-cabinet task lighting in the kitchen. 3200k Warm White creates a soft, natural, and inviting light in the same color range as most existing overhead lighting.

Ultra Bright Cool White
Everyone wants options! The 6500k color temperature creates a modern feel in kitchens and offers clean task lighting for the office, garage, and gun safes. Show the effect of the LED TV Backlight with the help of the Push Button Dimmer.

Super Bright Warm White
A contractor’s most versatile product and best price point. With about 143 lumens per foot, this option is perfect for under cabinet, ambient, and accent lighting in the kitchen. The optimal brightness for entertainment centers, media room bookcases, and shelving.

Normal Bright Warm White
Accent lighting makes the room. With about 67 lumens per foot, we highly suggest this option for accent lighting above cabinets, toe-kicks, cove ceilings, and the interior of glass door cabinets. Normal Bright is also ideal for backlighting mirrors and artwork.

Demo Contractor LED Lighting Kit

Velcro backing is applied to keep the 4 Position Push Button Dimmer in place while cycling through the brightness options and showing the full range of dimming capabilities.

Currently the Contractor Demo Kit is a special-order item; please contact us directly at or (480) 941-4286 for pricing and availability.