New Product Teaser: Wireless Wall Dimmer & Troffer

Inspired LED’s New Product Teaser

Inspired LED has done it again! As always, we have been busy creating new and innovative products for our wonderfully loyal customers. We are excited to share with you a few new items today that will be making an appearance in the near future:

  1. Independence Dimmer – RF Wireless Wall Dimmer
  2. Troffer LED Lights
Independence Wireless Wall Dimmer

Our Independence Dimmer is the best of both worlds:  Allowing you to use plug-in power supplies with an in-line dimmer unit, while having an ascetically pleasing switch that can be mounted on the wall.  This switch itself uses the technology of energy harvesting, in which it doesn’t require batteries, power, or solar to work!  The dimmer receiver itself also features a three output, which will allow customers to run lights in multiple directions while being controlled by the same unit.

This new style RF wireless wall dimmer will be ready for its official release by the end of Summer 2014.

Independence Dimmer - Wireless Wall Dimmer with Energy Harvesting Technology Independence Dimmer Receiver - RF Wireless Wall Dimmer

Troffer LED Lights

Troffer Lights have been frequently used for fluorescent lighting in the past, and are now transitioning to LEDs. We are looking to add a troffer series product line, which will feature customizable lengths and the choice of using either a hard wire or a plug in system.  These lights will be enclosed and will have the option to be mounted to the surface of a cabinet or ceiling, or can also become a recessed troffer. The “dot effect,” or seeing the reflection of individual LEDs on your granite or quartz counters, will become a thing of the past with this new light panel.

This new style of lighting should be available by Fall 2014.

We cannot wait to share these products with you! Please contact us with any questions (480)941-4286 or !