Independence Dimmer Sets - Starting at $123 (12V or 24V Flex)

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 Our Independence Dimmer gives you the freedom from wires that you deserve! This new RF dimmer system will allow you to use the ease of a plug in system, while enjoying the look and function of a wall dimmer. We have created a RF Dimmer Switch and receiver base combination that will change the way you look at dimming your LEDs.

 Single Dimmer Set : Includes One Single Switch and One Receiver Module

 Dual Dimmer Set: Includes Once Dual Switch and Two Receiver Modules

 The Switch is special for a few reasons:

  • It can be mounted anywhere! The switch design allows for installation after the walls of your home are up. The switch does not require being recessed in the wall unlike standard switches.
  • The switch does not require any power! The switch uses innovative energy harvesting technology, which allows the energy created from pushing on the switch to communicate with the RF receiver. No batteries or wires needed.

The Receiver is also unique:

  • Extremely low profile! It will have to run in-line between the power supply and the lights, but we have come up with an incredibly small design that can be hidden under or inside of a cabinet easily.
  • Multiple outputs! This dimmer, unlike our 4- push button dimmer, features three output lines that will allow you to run your lights in multiple directions, or control different areas with the same receiver.

Each receiver unit features 1 input for power and 3 outputs. Connectors are 3.5mm X 1.3mm DC connectors (size of interconnect cables)

Indpendence Dimmers Must be used with a plug in power supply - they cannot be hardwired.

Dimensions of Receiver: 3" X 2" X .55"

Dimensions of Switch: 4.5" X 2.76" X .68"

Switch is Standard Décor Size - plate cover is not included.

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