Blue Accent Light- Hardwired System


This bar is configured in a hardwired system that is using an E-series transformer, a wall dimmer switch, interconnect cable and an Ultra Bright blue flex strip.

Measuring the available space for the flex:

Start the project by measuring out the entire length of the area where the flex strip will be mounted. Once you have the full measurement of an area, you will need to subtract 3” in order to make room for the cable connectors on each side.

Mounting the flex strip:

Before mounting the flex you will want to clean the area, where you plan on placing the flex, with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust or dirt. For this bar job, there was a channel that had been premade for this flex strip to go inside of. The flex strip was placed inside the channel facing out. Mounting the flex strip this way allowed the ability to use one long strip and have it bend around the corner without needing to use any interconnecting cable.

Providing Power:

After knowing where the lights will be placed, it is a good idea to figure out where the transformer will be mounted so that you’ll know how to run the cables. The transformer can be mounted anywhere except inside the walls or an area that is closed off. The reason being is that it will need a little space to breathe and you will always want to have access to it, just in case something goes wrong or you want to add more lights later on. In this job, the transformer was located in a small space above the ceiling that was still accessible.

Wiring the cable:

During a hardwired system install, the cables will connect to the output wires of the transformer via wire nuts. There can be multiple cable outputs placed on the output wires of the transformer as long as a big enough wire nut is provided. In this job there are two lead cables that are connected to the transformer output wires even though there is only one flex strip. The reason that this job has two output cables is because Inspired LED’s Ultra bright flex can start to have a voltage drop occur after 13’. To help avoid this voltage drop from occurring the flex was powered from both sides so that it would have an even brightness all the way through.


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