Tiger Paw LED Connector®, Solderless Pair (12V or 24V Flex)


While the vast majority of our product line is connectorized for the customer’s convenience, it is sometimes desirable to cut one’s own flexible strip lights. For this purpose we offer the Tiger Paw LED Connector®, which allows for reliable termination of flexible strips without the need for soldering. This option is especially great for expansion with our “Cut and Connect Series” Kits.

Our newly developed solderless Tiger Paw LED Connector® allows you to create custom length LED flex strips at home or in the field. Perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced electricians on the go. Simply cut the flexible strip, mount the Tiger Paw LED Connector® onto the strip, and install LED strips in the desired location. Our Tiger Paw LED Connectors® grip onto flexible LED strips to provide you with an incredibly reliable connection.

Please be aware: Our custom-sized Ultra Bright, Super Bright, and Normal Bright Flexible Strips come pre-cut, with connectors soldered onto each end. These do not require Tiger Paw LED Connector®.


  • 1- Pair of Tiger Paw LED Connectors®
    • Available in bundle packs
  • Adhesive backing for easy installation


  • Solderless termination for 8-10mm LED flex strips
  • Terminates flexible LED strips to 3.5mm x 1.3mm plugs
  • Dimensions: 1.51” x 0.63″ x 0.25″
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,714,772



Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × .35 × .35 in
Product Color


Bundle Size

Single Pair #4938, 4 Pair Pack #3530, 10 Pair Pack #3531