Cans & Cove Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in how we view the world around us. In many circumstances, we miss the beauty and potential of our surroundings simply from poor lighting. Objects and displays that could catch the attention of its viewers go unnoticed and unappreciated. Lighting is a key ingredient that is too often ignored and overlooked. LED recessed lighting systems are a groundbreaking solution for this easy-to-solve problem. Accent lighting and backlighting are simple and affordable ways to draw attention to objects and features that are often overlooked. LED lighting can be used in any project including LED TV backlighting, cove & toe kick lighting, artwork, staircases & railings, bathroom mirrors, in cabinet lighting, and home bar lighting. What better way to liven up an old bookcase than to backlight the shelves, giving it a renewed presence in your home or business. The possibilities and potential of accent lighting are endless. Inspired LED can provide you with the instruments you need to turn the world around you into something more creative and brilliant. If you would like help figuring out which products to purchase for your application, please email our design team with a picture or drawing to

Why Buy Inspired LED Products?

  1. American LED manufacturer in business for 10 years and we stand behind our products.
  2. Need help? Call us at 480-941-4286 and we can assist with any questions you have.
  3. Uniform building code requires that all low-voltage lighting carries a "Safety Listing." All of our LED’s are CSA listed.
  4. We engineer our products to last and we never over drive our LED’s like our competitors.