Garage work lighting using 10

There is nothing worse than trying to complete a detailed task with insufficient lighting. If you have a home improvement plan, school project, or a hobby, chances are high that most of your work will end up being done in an ill-lit garage or workshop.  Unwanted shadows or faded colors can make any project a challenge. Fluorescent bulbs are expensive to replace, and incandescent lighting wastes a lot of energy in the form of heat. LED lighting offers an even, consistent flow of light that helps to eliminate shadows even in the smallest nooks and crannies. Flexible LED strips can be customized to perfectly fit workbenches of any shape or size. Our Angle Adjust Tubes have an encased row of LEDs that can be rotated to shine at any angle. They can also be easily removed from their mounting clips and converted to a hand-held light to illuminate those hard to reach areas. Looking for a simple plug-in system? Try one of our Pro Series or Cut & Connect Kits!  All of our products boast long life, low energy, low power, no heat, and a simple DC connection. If you would like help figuring out which products to purchase for your application, please email our design team with a picture or drawing to

Why Buy Inspired LED Products?

  1. American LED manufacturer in business for 10 years and we stand behind our products.
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  3. Uniform building code requires that all low-voltage lighting carries a "Safety Listing." All of our LED’s are CSA listed.
  4. We engineer our products to last and we never over drive our LED’s like our competitors.