Tight Budget? 7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79

LEDs have a reputation of being an expensive lighting alternative; however, it is incredibly easy to light up your home, office, or business without breaking the bank. Check out the LED lighting kits that can be purchased for under $79, and standard shipping is always FREE!

Pro Series Kits: 

The Pro Series Kits come in 8.75 inch (or 21 LED) lengths or 16.75 inch (or 42 LED) lengths. These kits are great for areas that will hide the 0.3 inch high profile well, such as under cabinets with lips or light rails.

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Pro Series 21 LED Panel Deluxe Kit

1) Pro Series 21 LED Deluxe Kit | $58

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Pro Series 42 LED Panel Deluxe Kit

2) Pro Series 42 LED Deluxe Kit | $78


Designer Series Kits: 

 Inspired LED’s Designer Series Kits come with one of two different length designer series panels- 10 inch or 18 inch. These panels are great for areas where your light panels will be visible. The lens housing provides a nice covering for the LED panels, which creates a more finished look.

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Designer Series 10 Inch Deluxe Kit

3) 10” Designer Series Deluxe Kit | $69


Cut & Connect Series Kits: 

 Each of the following LED lighting kits comes with 3 meters of LED flexible strip lighting – That’s 115 inches of light! Couple that with the included, easy-to-use Tiger Paw LED Connectors and you’ve got yourself one steal of a deal. The self-adhesive on the LED tape and the plug-in power supplies ensure that your lights will be installed in no time at all.

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Cut and Connect Super Bright 3 Meter Kit.jpg

4) Super Bright 3 Meter Kit | $60
Super Bright Flexible Strips are great for under cabinet lighting and are the most affordable flexible strip for task lighting that we offer.

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Cut and Connect Normal Bright 3 Meter Kit

5) Normal Bright 3 Meter Kit | $50
Normal Bright Flexible Strips are kings of the accent lighting world. They provide a soft glow for any area.


Specialty Kits: 

We are always willing to customize any of our products to fit your exact needs. The following specialty LED lighting kits include LED strips for our most asked-for specialized lighting applications: TV Backlighting and Sewing Machine Lights.

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - TV Backlight Kit, Inspired LED Accent LED Lighting

6) TV Backlight Kit | $39-49
This kit comes in two different sizes and simply adheres to the back of your television. You can choose to purchase the kit with a standard on/off switch, or a switch that plugs into the USB port on your TV and powers the lights on and off with your television. (And here’s a hint: This kit also works exceptionally well to backlight art!)

7 LED Lighting Kits for Under $79 - Sewing LED Lighting Kit

7) Sewing Kit | $30
The Sewing Kit is the newest addition to Inspired LED’s kits and is completely customer-created! A few of our amazing customers noticed a need for lighting under their sewing machines and helped us build this kit from scratch. Now, you can sew at night without squinting and you can throw away any crazy contraption you built to help you do so.


For more LED kit options, please visit our website. Give us a call today with any questions (480)941-4286.