Buying LEDs : What is really important?

As LEDs are continually gaining popularity and more people are converting over their household lighting: we have found there is an abundance of misconceptions and areas of needed clarity when it comes to buying LEDs. Hopefully our simple guide to narrow down what should and shouldn’t be important when choosing LEDs will be the solution you are looking for.

What is CCT?

CCT, also known as correlated color temperature, is an important factor when choosing LED lighting. We prefer to simply refer to is as the color. We offer both Warm White and Cool White, which can be a little confusing: Warm White is considered to be more “yellow” in hue and is normally around 3200K vs. Cool White which is considered more “blue” in hue and is around 6500K. Warm White is hands down more popular in kitchens, but Cool White is more popular in office and workshop lighting.

warm vs cool lighting buying guide

Left: Cool White, Right: Warm White

What are Lumens?

Lumens measure the light output, or the literal term: measures the amount of “total visible light”. This measurement is important when comparing LEDs to other suppliers, as well as matching the light output from an existing fixture. This is simpler terms is measuring how bright the LEDs are. If you are trying to match a fluorescent lights or pucks, this rating would help you to determine the best match.

What is CRI?

CRI, also known as the color rendering index, is not very important when choosing LEDs for your under cabinet lighting. CRI is mostly important in situations that the lights are being used for photography or video applications. The CRI is a quantitative measure of the light, and its ability to produce the true colors of an object.

CRI buing guide

Why do prices of LEDs vary so much across companies?

This answer is pretty simple: you get what you pay for! Our lights are competitively priced and we 100% stand behind our products. This may not be the case for other leading LED companies.  We think we have created a system that really works. We have custom options, kit options, and great customer service to ensure you are getting what you need. Customers frequently ask me why can’t they buy that $15 reel from Amazon , and I would never say you can’t, but there are factors beyond the lights itself that people do not often account for. Accessories, directions, power supplies are just a few items that do not come standard with other products!

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