Retail Lighting Part 1

Frequently we come across great retail locations with fantastic products for sale, but they are often overlooked by consumers because they aren’t displayed properly. Does this describe your store, or a specific display case you have in mind? We have many solutions for your every need when it comes to retail lighting and display cases to ensure your products stand out to your customers.


Often display cases without in-case lighting can make a product look dull and lack its true potential. However, given the right amount of lighting and drawing attention to the case can make it look much more desirable. Depending on the depth and height of the case, you can determine the proper brightness level needed. For example, a jewelry case that shows off intricate cuts should use our ultra-bright flexible strips to give off the most light available and reveal all the fine channels. This will ensure that the perfect ring, bracelet, necklace, or stone will never be missed!

jewlery case retail lighting


On the other hand when looking for something that really stands out in terms of a great accent light our RGB color changing LEDs are always a huge hit. These work great for mall kiosk’s that are frequently trying to attract the attention of customers.  These fun and flashy lights are easy to control and run on a simple plug in system. They are guaranteed to make your set up unique!

mall kisok retail lighting

Rotating Merchandise

Some display cases change inventory frequently. This means that the lighting in the cases needs to be just as versatile as the products being offered. For this we suggest our angle adjust tubes. They can be mounted, clamped, and screwed into your display case. These angle adjust tubes can be rotated 360 degrees giving any area, the perfect amount of lighting.

bakery retail lighting

We want to ensure that you are making the most of your display cases and showing off your product so it is noticed! If you need some expert advice, feel free to send us an email at for a free layout and quote or give us a call at (480) 941-4286! For more retail and display inspiration check out our gallery photos!