Local Restaurant Lighting : Salut Kitchen Bar

With our main specialty being mostly kitchen and in-home lighting, Inspired LED decided to shed some light upon Salut Kitchen Bar in Tempe, Arizona. This beautiful new restaurant and wine bar offers customers a large 35+ foot bar and gorgeous patio to enjoy some of Arizona’s spectacular sunsets. However, we took our talents inside, adding our Super Bright Flexible LED Strip lights along the sides and entire front of the bar. The backdrop to the underside of the bar offered amazing restored wood with great detail, but it was not shown off properly. The revamp of the underside of this bar brought some of the fine crafted woods to life with our lights.

The Process:

Salut Kitchen Bar, before LED accent lighting

We showed up to Salut before they opened so we didn’t interrupt any patrons from enjoying their restaurant experience, even though the process to install our LED Flexible Strips is extremely simple and quick. After measuring out exactly how much LED Flexible Strip lights were needed for the project, we made the decision to use the Super Bright Warm White strips from our Cut and Connect Series. The warm white glow of the LED’s creates the perfect ambiance and welcoming feel to any application.

We began applying the LED lights a few inches from the backside underneath the bar top to give off the perfect amount of lighting. Underneath the bar, we discovered a power source every few feet that Salut had installed for customers to charge their phone while enjoying a glass of wine and tapas. With our plug-in power supply, we used one of these outlets to power the entire project. Since the Super Bright LED strips can give off a large amount of light, we also installed our Wireless RF Dimmer with a key chain remote so the lights can be turned down to create the perfect setting.

The Result:Salut Kitchen Bar, after LED accent lighting

The outcome was wonderful! The LED’s show off all the fine detail of the refurbished wood and create a welcoming glow of warm lighting to the bar atmosphere inside. The entire project took a total of 30 minutes and was very simple to do. The Cut and Connect Series lighting used was very easy to work with, allowing anyone to create and show off their special project. Check back in with us for a follow up of the restaurant, and further installation of the color-changing lighting we installed behind the bar!

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