Local Restaurant Lighting: Salut Kitchen Bar Pt. 2

On our first local restaurant lighting adventure at Salut Kitchen Wine Bar; we installed our Super Bright Flexible LED Strip lights, shedding light on the very intricate restored wood bar. Not only did we set up the LED light strips, we also installed a wireless RF- dimmer so that the restaurant could create the perfect mood lighting when needed. We left Salut very pleased with how the LED Strips looked, and the restaurant owners and bar patrons seemed to be lit with excitement. However, we were not satisfied. Salut Kitchen Wine Bar just has so many exciting features our creative minds grew hungry, and so did our stomachs for their delicious cuisine: that we had to go back!

Installation- Behind the Bar:

Bar Salut before lighting

Before Lighting

After taking a few quick pictures of the behind of the bar shelving, that displays the liquor and spirits, and a few uniquely crafted art decanters, we took the pictures back to the drawing board. (Or in our case, our talented design service team). We came up with a proposal that balanced both sides of the shelving and the elevated center shelf. We decided to use our Normal Bright RGB strips to line the bottle shelves, and have them controlled by the wireless RF-RGB Controller with Wireless Remote. This remote allows for multiple color modes, combinations, and sequences for operation, perfect for the bar!

We utilized a power source behind one of the many flat screen TVs, and we were able to run the power cord behind the bar to keep it hidden. We then began to run the flexible strips underneath the glass shelving to give the bottle displays great accent lighting. The two bottle sections, on the left and right are separated by a large wine cooler. Just above the large wine cooler we ran another flexible strip on the top display shelf. This shelf showcases some amazing glass art pieces. We synced all three sections together so the changing of the lights would be in unison.


Salut after photo

With the underside of the bar, both bottle displays shelves, and the upper shelf all properly lit; it is looking wonderful! The LED lights provide the perfect amount of personality in the bar that it isn’t overwhelming, instead it is an eye catcher and attracts a wide demographic of people to enjoy. The RGB strip lighting that was used was very easy to install, and took less than an hour to do. We were very happy with how the whole project turned out! Stop into Salut Kitchen Wine Bar to see the installation for yourself and while you’re there enjoy some of the great wine and menu items they offer! Check back with us soon to see what new concept we get inspired to do!

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