Using LEDs in Commercial Spaces

PoE led lightingThe future of commercial lighting is here: LED lighting. Recent advancements in LED lighting have conquered even the most challenging commercial lighting jobs and businesses around the world.  Companies and businesses are now saving money and improving the overall visual appeal. These advancements in commercial LED lighting technology will make 2018 the ideal year to switch over to this high-tech, low-cost lighting solution.

Whether you need a lighting upgrade or new sign for your restaurant or bar, retail space, office, hotel, casino, parking lot or any other commercial space, there are many lighting options to get into the modern era with LED lighting. If your still on the fence about switching your commercial space lighting over to LED, here’s a few things you should know.

office led lightingEfficientcy

Fluorescent, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and metal halide are three common types of bulbs that have become outdated since the emergence of LEDs. These lighting types can be around three times less efficient and can be up to 75% more expensive to run compared to LEDs. This massive saving of energy dollars will help improve your bottom line and will be a good investment for the future.

There have been reports that 60-70% of outdoor lighting is wasted due to being unwarranted, over lit and too bright. If your business is potentially wasting money in these areas, changing over to LEDs could make a significant difference. Even after factoring in the purchase price and installation costs of LEDs, you will almost always find that the change pays for itself over time. For those worried about having to overhaul every fixture in their commercial space to accommodate this adjustment, fear not there is a solution!

Retrofitbar led lighting

Changing existing lighting for an entire commercial location may seem like a daunting task, but it can be easier than you with retro fit LEDs readily available. LED tubes are similar to fluorescent fixtures, and can be found in various lengths and brightness’s. Many LED tubes on the market now do not require changing out the ballast, which makes installation a breeze!

Some companies are reticent to change to LED because they spent a lot of money having gorgeous custom fixtures built before LEDs became commonplace. Instead of having to scrap these custom signs and fixtures to adapt to the new tech, retrofitting can be used to integrate LED lighting into the existing structure. LED tape light is so small in size that it can easily be added to existing fixtures to replace burnt out or aged lights. Even the most unique fixtures can be converted over to LEDs, just shoot a message to our trusty Design Team, they can handle almost anything!

Light Quality

While saving money is a great motivator to convert, there’s an even better reason to go full steam ahead with LED commercial lighting and that is for quality. LED has noticeably better visuals and the fixtures will never have problems with buzzing sounds or flickering. These are two common issues that plague older lighting methods that are absent in LEDs. Another unique feature about Inspired LED Flex Tape is that we under drive our diodes, meaning they will last longer, we suggest 100,000 running hours. These silent, effective lights—coupled with cost-saving, energy-efficient practices like occupancy sensors and dimmers, or even pre-programed settings on IoT, can make a large impact on small or businesses alike.

Optimizing your commercial space’s lighting can be a rewarding endeavor. Working with professionals to outline a plan to minimize waste and maximize lighting efficiency will make your location look magnitudes better than before. Treat your clients and visitors to the best possible experience while saving money in the long run by converting to LED.

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