Closet Lighting with LEDs

One of the least appreciated, and yet most important locations for lighting in a home is inside closets and cupboards. Although these are highly functional spaces for homeowners, it is not uncommon for builders to completely disregard them when it comes to lighting, opting for old fashioned incandescent, or unsightly fluorescent bulbs, if anything at all. The result of this oversight is often less-than-functional lighting, especially in larger walk-in closets, where many areas may be left in shadow.

If you’re struggling to see in your dimly-lit closet, and are looking for a solution, we have good news– you’re not alone! And you’ve come to the right place!

Over the past few years, the Lighting Designers and Customer Service reps at Inspired LED have helped hundreds of customers to rediscover the darkest corners of their homes with fantastic results. In this week’s post, we’ll spend some time examining the various challenges of closet lighting, as well as the different types of LEDs that can help to brighten up your space!

As with any lighting project, a successful install begins with high-quality products. The numerous advantages and general superiority of LED lighting have been well documented on our blog, as well as by many other reputable sources. Inspired LED panels and flexible strips are particularly ideal for closet lighting applications thanks to their “cool-to-the-touch” operating temperature, lack of UV/IR output, and of course, low-voltage power draw. These factors help to ensure that even in the tightest spaces, your valuables will be safe from excessive heat, color-fading, or electrical hazard.

But while making the switch to LEDs may be an easy decision, the greater challenge lies in deciding how your system will be laid out. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular options…


The Basic: Track Lighting

Track lighting has rapidly become one of the most frequently used lighting types in homes over the last few years. It’s not surprising, as the versatility and mobility of track lighting is currently unparalleled in the industry. These types of lights can be quickly shifted at a moment’s notice, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a way to save some serious cash if/when they decide to change things up in the future.

If you are looking for a safe starting point for your closet renovation, LED track lighting is a great place to begin as it can last for years and is easily adjustable.

One of the added benefits of track lighting is the ability to highlight key areas with a spotlight effect. If there are specially dedicated shelves or unique architecture in your closet, LED track lights can go a long way to highlight these features. This lighting effect can also be used to partition out clothing, shoes, and other items being stored in the area for a high-end retail look!


The Convenient: Motion Sensors and Magnetic Switches

There’s nothing fun about blindly searching through a dark closet to find the light switch early in the morning, or late at night. Fortunately, Inspired LED offers a selection of convenient control devices to help solve this problem, ensuring you never have to fumble around for a light switch again!

The first is Inspired LED’s handy Infrared Motion Sensor, a simple in-line controller which allows your LED lights to turn on in response to movement and body heat. No more need to scramble around in the dark once this little device is up and running!

It may sound simple, but that’s because it really is that basic. This is a classic innovation that has been updated for modern LED lighting, making it a cinch to see everything you need, when you need to see it. You won’t have to worry about trying to flick the switch when your hands are full of clothes or storage bins; instead let the motion sensor handle it for you! This particular device has an eight-meter sensor range with a maximum load of six amps, more than enough to cover even the largest of closets.

The second control option is Inspired LED’s Magnetic Switch, another gadget which can help with hands-free lighting activation. Instead of relying on IR motion, the magnetic switch utilizes breakaway magnets to activate the switch on when a door is opened, and deactivate once its shut again. These are easy to install on any closet or cupboard door, providing a wash of light when you need it, and saving power by immediately turning off you don’t. We can even reverse the functionality for you if you decide you’d like to use them for a different application, such as a display case or jewelry box! This will allow a specific area to remain constantly illuminated until it is opened, and the lights turn off to avoid hitting your eyes.


The Beautiful: LED Strips

Now that you know how to efficiently illuminate the majority of your closet with track lighting, and can easily activate your system without using a traditional switch, it’s time to spruce up the room a bit more with some lighting flourishes to make your closet truly shine! The best way to accomplish this is by using Inspired LED’s customizable flex strips. These versatile LED products are a staple in any modern home lighting arsenal, possessing the power to transform even the darkest, dustiest areas into well-lit, effective and functional spaces.

While old lighting methods were less than effective at reaching all the various nooks and crannies in a closet space, LED strips are extremely flexible and low-profile, allowing them to be strategically placed throughout the room. Try installing Normal Bright LED strips above closet rods to illuminate hanging clothing, or beneath shelves to make folded clothing easier to identify. You can even add a soft glow along the baseboards to highlight shoe displays.

The simple addition of lighting to these spaces can make all the difference– not only in terms of visibility, but design, opening up tight areas and making them feel larger. Perhaps best of all, is the ability to do so on a budget! Inspired LED offers a wide variety of flexible strips and rigid panels to fit any price range, from just a few dollars for a single light, to complex integrated systems that will transform your closet into a fashionista’s dream. Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our complimentary Design Services and get a free LED layout and quote from one of our Lighting Specialists!



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