The Merging of LED Lights and Glass

LED lighting can be an incredibly useful accent light: ranging from back lighting TV’s, art pieces, above cabinets, inside glass cabinets, toe-kicks, and so much more!

Gravity Glas Design, is a local company who specializes in custom glass designs varying from counter tops, back splashes, art pieces, sink vessels, and table tops. They have mastered the collaboration of creativity and purpose, and their expertise has made them recognized nationally. We have been lucky enough to work with Gravity Glas Design on a few projects that feature our lights as an accent to their magnificently creative pieces!

Bathroom Lighting:

backroom accent led lighting of glass counter

This bathroom counter top is being lit by a single special purple flexible strip run along the edge between the glass and the wall. This installation allows for the light to be scattered across the counter giving it a great glowing effect. This specific set up also allows for the light to be utilized as a night light: functional, innovative, and fun!

Kitchen Lighting:

kitchen glass counter top with blue lights

This kitchen counter is similar to the bathroom above, but the layout is slightly different. Using our RGB Flexible Strip LEDs, the lights are arranged in an “L” shape around two sides of the counter, as well as the opposite two sides of the stove top. Creating an evenly distributed light, which allows the counter to become a striking focal point in the center of the room.

We love the distinct modern flare of glass, and have been extremely happy to work with Gravity Glas on numerous projects. Check in with us again for more Gravity Glas designs featuring our accent lighting!

If you are feeling inspired by these photos, feel free to contact us with any questions or design plans for your next project at or (480)941-4286.