Getting Connected with Inspired LED: Social Media Part 2

As I mentioned in the first blog of this series: Getting Connected with Inspired LED: Part 1 , social media has grown tremendously within the last decade. It has now evolved from connections of friends and family: and has managed to  brake human boundaries to where people are connecting and following businesses. Below are a few more examples of social media platforms we utilize so you can get connected with us!

Linked Inlinked in social media blog 2

Linked In is a social platform that is mainly used for business purposes. This platform is great for reaching out to old friends, job hunting, reading articles or opinion pieces, and most importantly establishing your company page. We utilize our page to find future employees, advertise for open positions, and share our blog posts. This professional networking system allows you to enter forums and groups so you can share with other companies, or find future companies to work with!

Google +

Google + is another major social networking site, which allows you to connect all of your Google information in one place. Google also owns You Tube, which is the site we feature all of our how-to and product videos. Having these connected makes sharing on the web so much easier! Google + also features groups called communities. These communities allow for people and companies to connect over similar topics, share photos, blogs, ideas, and much more.


twitter social media blog 2


Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media sites, in which the short 140 character limit it utilized very frequently! They are also known for creating the hyperlink topic of choice: the hashtag. Now hashtags are used across almost all social media platforms allowing users to search by trending topics! Twitter is a great way to share a simple and quick idea, and if your lucky someone might re-tweet you.


houzz social media blog 2

Houzz is a an online community which boasts stunning architecture, interior and landscape designs, and home improvement ideas. Houzz allows individuals to seek advice, find products, and ask professionals various questions. This online community also showcases reviews from customers, this is once of the reasons we have been selected for Best of Houzz for Client Satisfaction for the last two years in a row! You can check out our products, ideas, and ask us any questions you have, and soon enough you will be able to directly purchase our products directly through Houzz as well!


Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on all of our social media sites, and with any questions don’t hesitate to call us (480)941-4286 or email us at