Caitlin: Beginning Another Adventure

Caitlin will sadly be saying goodbye to Inspired LED today after three wonderful years with us. Caitlin’s drive to push the company to where it is today, has been evident in her creative and quick thinking, and her passion for her work. Caitlin’s choice to pursue a higher education shows how dedicated she is to being the absolute best that she can be. Her presence in the office will surely be missed, but there is peace knowing she is just an e-mail or phone call away!

Caitlin Grand Canyon, Another adventure

Grant– If it wasn’t for Caitlin I probably wouldn’t be working at Inspired LED. Caitlin has been nothing short of amazing since the day I met her. Her work ethic, smarts and overall ability to connect with people is something to be recognized. Caitlin is an all-around animal when it comes to taking care of business. Best of luck with school, life, and being awesome. Thank you for everything you’ve taught and done for us over the years.

Erica – Everyone here will miss you immensely. Your spirit in the office is something that cannot be matched. Your passion for what you do, and the crazy amount of knowledge you are able to retain will never cease to amaze me. Best of luck with whatever the future holds, as you will be undoubtedly successful in any endeavor you may choose. Now hit the books!

Liling– Thank you very much for being so helpful and kind!

Randy– It was great getting to know you for the past few months. I didn’t get to know as much as everyone else, but I hope we get to meet again soon and good luck with whatever you do.

Casey – Since I have only been working here at Inspired LED for a little over 3 months now, I have learned and gained so much experience already in terms of marketing. Starting out with a very small amount of experience in marketing, I had a lot of questions. Caitlin was an enormous help when I started, and still continues to be. Not only is she incredibly brilliant in online marketing, and has the answer/solution to everything, she is patient. Starting with so little experience she walked me through everything I needed to know and learn and got me up on my feet so quickly to the point where I felt very comfortable doing task she needed to be done. I have no doubt that she will be very successful in whatever she chooses to conquer next, and I am looking forward to her sharing more information through her experience at grad school!

Tanner– Caitlin was my first full-time coworker at Inspired LED and, thinking back, I believe she was the first true peer of my entire work-life. I couldn’t have asked for more. Inspired LED couldn’t have asked for more, this company wouldn’t be where it is without her. She helped us break the million dollar barrier in annual sales. She’s a website ninja and a marketing machine. She’s an unequivocally excellent friend, coworker and person. Her absence will leave a void that no one person will be able to fill. Needless to say, I will miss her immensely. But as sad as I am to see such a shining, integral part of our team leave, I am equally excited to see that Caitlin will be continuing her process of lifelong learning through higher education. To me, nothing is more enriching than learning about, and gaining new perspective on, a subject of interest. I hope Caitlin finds this to be true, and I wish her nothing but the best that life has to offer. Congratulations on this new endeavor, Caitlin. Good Luck!

Cody– Cailtin is by far the nicest and most welcoming person we have working at Inspired LED. Since my first day here she has always treated me kindly, it will be very sad to see her go after working with her for only 2 years. I wish her the best of luck in San Diego, I know she will do great!”

Daniel – It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Anywhere you go will be lucky to have such a great employee. Best of luck!

Peter– I want to wish you the best in California. Inspired LED certainly won’t be the same without you, but it will all be worth it in the end. Have a safe trip and an absolutely wonderful time in California. Consume alcohol! Best wishes, Peter. Olliver would say goodbye too, if he could sit still for a little bit.

Suzie– Catie, it was a delight working next to you. You are a great person that has taught me so many things. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher! Also, thank you for being an awesome team player, we will miss you! Good luck on your upcoming plans and the best of luck with your return to school! Hope to see you soon, and I’m sure your next employer will love you!

Garrett– Caitie, it’s been great working with you these past years at Inspired LED. The business has come so far from just 5 of us in the office to what we have grown to now and you had a huge part in that. Inspired LED is not going to be the same without you and we will miss you but I know you’ll do great in graduate school. Congratulations again!

Cara– I will miss your music and the Sun Chips in your desk drawer, but will mainly miss your knowledge and expertise! You will move on to do great things and I’m sure I will see you again!

Bryan– I owe my career at Inspired LED to Caitlin! She has been a longtime friend to my lovely wife and when she told me about her family’s lighting company, I was intrigued and took a position at Inspired LED a few months later. We are wishing her the best of luck in this new adventure but Caitlin is irreplaceable and will truly be missed!

Audi– Caitie has been with Inspired LED since the very beginning.  With her knowledge, creativity, and positive outlook she has contributed to perfecting every aspect of this business.  She has been such a joy to work with this last year and has left such a lasting impact on all of us.  Thank you for everything you’ve done, the University of San Diego is so lucky to have you!  You were such a huge piece to this crazy puzzle and you will be greatly missed!

Jim-Apostate, I will do everything I can to win you back to the fold!PS thank you for Houzz.

Cheryl -You came to us when we were just starting to fly, and were instrumental in our growth in many areas of the company. From miles away, I know your contributions will continue to stimulate growth in our people, sales, and products. Thank you, Caitlin. You will always be my favorite!  😉

From all of us here at Inspired LED – we wish you the best of luck Caitlin!