Employee Spotlight: Garrett

If you have ever said or heard the phrase “I’ve got a guy there” or “yeah… I know someone that can do that”, you are probably referring to Garrett, one of our talented Designers here at Inspired LED. Garrett is the guy that puts all the pieces together for you, and walks you through whatever idea you may have, step by step, to make sure you have the best LED Lighting system possible. Garrett has been a huge factor in making sure our customers keep coming back to us for more projects and has been a major role in the success of our business!

employee showcase garrett

You’ve been with the company for just over 3 years now, congratulations on that! What has been the best part about your role here?

I think experiencing so many different positions has been the best part about working here. I was one of the first employees at Inspired LED, so I have taken on multiple jobs and roles as the company grew.

What was the biggest system you ever helped design?

Well that depends if we’re talking biggest system in terms of power or price. If its power then I guess it would have to be one of the designs where I helped a homeowner put lights in the many different parts of his new home. I ended up designing 15 different areas of his house. Now, if we are talking in terms of sales though then it would have to be one of the furniture jobs I took on in the beginning of the year. I worked with a company that was lighting up couches, love seats and head boards and the price was around $65,000.

You are so good at what you do here, is there anything outside of work that you do just as well? Or just enjoy doing?

To be honest, I love doing just about anything as long as I’m having fun with friends and family. Could be playing cards, playing kickball, a snowboarding trip for the weekend or going to a sporting event. I’m from California so I grew up being a big fan of The Giants, Warriors, and 49ers. I always try to catch a game when they are in town!

To help people with the process of getting a design out to them quickly, is there anything you would like to add, for them to know what to do to speed up the process?

I think the two main things that help out the most is  providing the dimensions and pictures of what it is we are lighting. Every project we encounter is different, having pictures helps us see exactly what we are lighting and what products would be best for the situation. The dimensions are very important too because without them the design team doesn’t really have a way to determine power, a necessary component for any project.

We would like to thank Garrett for his hard work and dedication to making Inspired LED so successful. For more information on all of our team members check out our about us page. With any other questions feel free to give us a call (480) 941-4286 or email us at orders@inspiredled.com .