Dark Places: Closet Lighting

We all have that dark place in our house, a place of no return where items go to collect dust and be forgotten: most often, our closets. Mine seems to be filled with clothes and objects I didn’t even know I still had in my possession. What if you could transform those non-functioning hideaways into a fully operational and effective areas?  Sounds nice doesn’t it…That’s why I decided, much like my kitchen, my closet needed substantial lighting too.

Magiccloset lighting

Aside from our LED Flexible Strip lighting saving the day in almost any situation, what if I told you that you never even had to touch a switch to illuminate a room? Hold on Houdini… we don’t have those types of skills, but what we do have is the amazing new Inspired LED  magnetic switch that can be easily installed to the inside of almost any door or cabinet. When opened those magnetic strips break away from each other and your LED system will light up like magic! Easy as that. This little switch can be effortlessly installed between your power supply and light strip or panel and is sure to impress your guests! The magnetic switch can also be run in opposition, so your lights will remain on until the cabinet is opened. This is especially great for  frequently used glass-faced cabinets so you don’t have lights shining directly in your face.

Adding to our already thrilling list of products, we will soon be including a motion sensor to our website. This sensor is discreet and fully functional. It works great with both panels and flexible strips. It is most useful in places like the pantry so when your hands are full you won’t have to turn on a switch. You can even use it in the entry way to a bathroom in order to turn on the perfect night light. Whatever creative uses you envision your friends and guests are sure to be envious of your new gadget!

For further inquiries and questions please contact us at design@inspiredled.com or feel free to call us anytime at (480) 941-4286. We look forward to hearing from you!