Behind the Scenes: A Day at Inspired LED

You have just complete your order with Inspired LED, but what happens behind the scenes? Our great customer service doesn’t stop after you place your order. As you kick up your feet and relax knowing you just purchased a fantastic product, we get down to business. Let’s take a look inside our office: how your order is made, shipped, and sent out of our facility in lightening-fast time.


Order Processing

Behind the Scenes: Manufacturing LED Lights at Inspired LED in Tempe, ArizonaOnce you press the submit button online or confirm with a representative over the phone, your order is ready to be put out on the floor. We have several team members who are dedicated to ensuring your order is quickly and efficiently processed. Certain items like our Pro Series and Designer Series panels, standard cables, and power supplies are already tested and are ready to be shipped. Other items like our LED flexible strips, custom panels, and custom cables are created by our knowledgeable manufacturing team once you order them. After the custom items have been created, they will be thoroughly tested before heading through the next steps.


Order Picking

Behind the Scenes: Putting Together Orders At Inspired LED's Headquarters in Tempe, ArizonaAll items are then sent to the shipping line. Here, your complete order is pulled together, or “picked”; all items from your order are tested and placed into their own box. This ensures that everything within your order is accounted for. We take great care in treating your order as an individual order, instead of a mass-produced item. Each lighting application is different, so we believe every order should be treated that way.



Behind the Scenes: Checking Lighting Orders at Inspired LED in Tempe, Arizona Now that your order has been put together in its entirety, the order is checked again to verify everything is accounted for. This system of double checking each order minimizes the amount of error on our part. It helps guarantee you have every item you need for your LED lighting setup, which greatly reducing the need for returns or exchanges. Once the order has successfully made it past its second check through, it can make its way down the line to be shipped!



Behind the Scenes: Shipping from Inspired LED in Tempe, ArizonaWhen an order makes it to the end of the shipping line, it is ready to be packaged and closed. All necessary paperwork will be included at this time, and we attempt to package items to prevent any damage that can occur during transit. This whole process takes about 24 hours or less in most cases, which means you will be able to enjoy your new lighting as soon as possible!


We hope you enjoyed your exclusive behind the scenes look! For further assistance with any orders, please contact us at (480)941-4286 or at