Inside the Inspired LED Showroom

With over half our business coming from online sales we have grown comfortable behind our screens, desks, and offices. With more than 1.2 million dollars spent in the world of e-commerce every 30 seconds why wouldn’t we be? We have adopted this type of business platform, and I must say, my team is good at what they do. Now, that doesn’t mean we want to cut the world off from us, or that we do not welcome anyone here at our headquarters… We are actually very friendly people who welcome all types of conversation, and we LOVE to show off what we are currently working on. Our doors are always open for what we call a “walk-in” and one of our many team members can help you out right away. So why come visit us?

flexible strip showroom

You can see all the products we offer!

It’s our brilliant showroom that will lead you into a world of LED Lighting and questions answered, as well as inspire you to get new ideas for your next weekend project, or full kitchen remodel. Sure, we can answer any question you may have online, and generally the people that purchase from us online already know what they are looking for. However, if you are that person that doesn’t exactly know what LED Lighting is all about, or what we offer as far as LED Flexible Strip Lighting, feel free to pop in our Showroom any time and we can walk you through the basics of this new LED sensation.

You can see the difference between cool white and warm white , lighting above and below cabinets, and what the glow of the LEDs can do to your unique application. You will also find an entire wall of our Flexible LED Strips, Pro Series Panels, as well as Designer Series Lighting and we can show you how these items can make for great accent or task light. We will walk you through the steps to connect your system and show you how easy it is to make everything work.

undercabinet showroom

Different mounting options for flex!

Let us inspire you to have some fun with LED Lighting and all the great things it can do. Our multi-functional office is located in Tempe, Arizona. Feel free to call in ahead and we can lead you with directions right to us.

For further assistance on any of your projects, and you aren’t local to the Phoenix Area, please contact us at (480)941-4286,, or chat with a representative on the website.