Sewing Show: Delta Quilters Guild Brentwood, CA

First and foremost, Inspired LED would like to extend a huge thank you to the Delta Quilters Guild for allowing our Sewing Machine Lighting Kit to be demonstrated at their annual show this year! Donna Baker, VP of the Delta Quilters Guild, reached out us to see if we could sponsor her for the show. We were more than happy to help Donna out and spread the word of one of our most popular new kit items this year!


Donna and her husband, Bruce, were kind enough to provide step-by-step instructions for using and installing the flexible strip on their machines!

1) Testing the LED Flexible Strip to Make Sure it Works!

DQG sewing kit demo 1

This is always important to check before installation – as, very occasionally, some items can be damaged in shipping. If there is anything wrong with the strip, of course please contact us so we can replace it!

2) Measure the Length of the LED Flexible Strip for Your Machine

sewing kit strip

Since sewing machines come in varying sizes and shapes, the flexible strip allows you to find the perfect length for your machine. You will want the lights to be mounted from inside the arm to the needle; this will allow for the most amount of light as possible.

3) Cut the LED Flexible Strip to Size

cut point sewing kit

Using a pair of household scissors, you will cut the flexible strip across the copper solder pad on the black line. This will ensure that all of the lights will work correctly on the strip!

4) Finish Installing

sewing kit installed

Now adhere the flexible strip to the arm of your machine, and plug all of the connections together. The kit is entirely installed and you are ready to see what you are sewing!

Thank you Donna and Bruce once again for sharing with the members of the guild and other patrons who attended the show! Don’t forget that these kits make great gifts, as the holidays are fast approaching (there are only 11 weeks until CHRISTMAS)! Check out what great things customers had to say about our Sewing Machine Lighting Kit:

sewing machine kit feedback

For any sponsoring opportunities please contact Erica, at or at (480)941-4286.